City News April 2015

Sun 19th April 2015

City News April 2015

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CITY NEWS       April 2015

By now I imagine everyone knows the news of Cyril’s passing. At 96, I think, he has had a good innings and the last few months had been difficult for him. He was lucky to have Kerry’s support and we should recognise this.

As a relatively new Rotarian I did not know Cyril as long as many but as there are so many stories I feel I do. One of the old style Bank Managers, he was allowed and expected to make decisions and there are many who are testament to his judgement. Lots of stories about his stewardship of Wormsley. Most relating his very un-PC vocabulary!  A character who was much respected and loved. Most of us, I’m sure, will wish to say farewell on Thursday.

There was a good turnout at the AGM on Monday so most people will know what happened. But since this record is particularly for those who miss things I will summarise.

Officers were confirmed: Pres1 –Jimmy: 2- Heather; 3 – Ray. Secretary – Mike; Treasurer – John

Committee chairs: Community – Peter; International – Kevin B; Membership – Luke; PR – Bobbie. There will not be an Administration committee this year. Brian was willing to continue as Auditor.

The outgoing officers and committee chairs gave their reports. John presented accounts showing that we contributed £20423 to various causes during the year. Club account was healthy and John proposed and club accepted that subs would remain unchanged next year. £100 plus £25 to Foundation.

Hugh explained that his group had concentrated support in two main areas – Hinton Community and Young Enterprise. In addition 15 or so modest donations had been made locally.

Kevin reported on a year of travel. Our exchange with Thromso last year and the forthcoming trip to South Africa. The later includes working with Fransschoek RC to support two projects. We set up with Roy the Sri Lankan Aid fund and we are waiting for Nepali District go-ahead for the earth closet project in Yanghila. Rob reported that we had met this year’s target for support of End Polio Now and were well on the way to the $100 per member target for Foundation.

We have had a successful year with membership increasing. Heather stressed that there were several key club feature. A friendly, welcoming, informal environment; flexibility over attendance and not hidebound by rules; a mixed and interesting programme and a club that did things.

As Luke had been an early leaver, Heather gave brief summaries of his reports on PR and on Youth. Apparently we had had lots of positive PR and the Interact Club at the Academy was doing well.

Although we have not got to the end of the year, we should be aware of another appointment. Colin, who has done sterling work as our secretary, will be our Assistant District Governor next year. I’m sure we will all want to support him.

Kevin B is on the organising committee for the 2016 District Conference to be held in Weymouth from 11-13 March. Heather promptly delegated finding an hotel to Rob (poor Judy almost chocked!) Details soon

Rob 18 May 2015