President's Report to AGM 2015

Report May 2015

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REPORT OF PRESIDENT Margaret 11 May  2015

I find it hard to believe that my year as President is nearly over. At the outset of my term in office, I recall apprehension. However, the year has run fairly smoothly and for that I must thank all of you members for your support and help.  Whilst not yet quite over, the year has gone quickly and I feel as though I am just about getting the hang of things.

I report on the objectives within the Club’s Action Plan 2014/15 and make reference to the Club Visioning Document, “The Way Forward”.  We set ourselves the target of encouraging more members into leadership roles. We have had some success in this regard. All team roles were filled and we have tried hard to work to members’ strengths.

We have had a busy and varied programme of events and meetings and have made some progress in our relationships with neighbouring clubs. Our Scatter programme involving reciprocal visits with R/C Stamford Burghley proved quite successful and should continue. We attended a number of events at other clubs and made our presence felt over the year; perhaps the Corby Phoenix Young People of Courage visit was most memorable in terms of suggesting avenues worthy of follow up.

Our profile in the community has increased significantly. The WW1 event in August of last year found us working with a number of bodies including the church, the local WW1 committee and the town’s WW1 Researchers. The evening attracted very positive reviews. Our offer to organise an end of WW1 celebration and street party in 2018 has also been well received. Our presence at the Flower and Produce Show has won us many friends and our ongoing work with Uppingham in Bloom much appreciated.

For the past four years we have taken leadership roles at District level. I am just coming to the end of a four year stint as Young Writer lead, Joyce has done sterling work with Youth Speaks. Keith has spent some time on the District Communications team and will no doubt keep the name of Uppingham to the forefront. Phil has played an important part in the Young Musician competition so all in all not a bad show from Uppingham. Additionally I must congratulate Malcom on his efforts to involve our two senior schools in the District Young Designer initiative. We will be sponsoring four entries at next month’s Showcase event (June 20th).

The Club has been represented at every District Council meeting and attended the 2014 District Conference in Scarborough.

In all of our ventures Bill has played an extremely important part and has kept our name and our achievements to the forefront. Long may he continue in this role.

The relevant Lead Persons will report on the majority of our events, activities and fundraising. It has been a very good year! It would be remiss of me however not to mention a very successful President’s Evening, our superb Old Time Music Hall and the ground breaking Arts Evening. Club members are to be congratulated on their contribution to these events.