"Catch-up" Speaker Meetings

"Catch-Up" with our weekly speakers meeting and watch our notable guest speakers. Scroll down to "catch-up" and watch a weekly speaker recording

<h3>Working Virtually for a Better Reality</h3>
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We will use this "Catch-Up" wpage [asynchronous] to enable members and guests/visitors who cannot [or do not wish to] attend the online speaker meeting on a Wednesday - whether that is because of time zones, challenges preventing attendance or simply because you might have something else to do at that time - all you need to do is

  • visit the weekly meeting for that week and spend time catching up.
  • When you have finished register your "attendance" by completing the "Count Me In" form
  • you are also encouraged to share comments, ideas and things you have done for Rotary in the reply section
  • That's it folks ... your involvement is as simple as that!

You can of course do more to help develop your club and enrich your Rotary experience by carrying out a project, fundraiser or visit another club - share this with the members so we all know.

We hold an online meeting every Wednesday evening at 19.30 online
using video conferencing from Zoom Cloud Meetings

to join us simply use: Rotary E-Club of Innovation Weekly Zoom Meeting, https://zoom.us/j/470985565

You will need ideally a webcam, microphone and headset if using a desktop - you can download the App for a tablet / iPad or use your mobile phone or any web-enabled device

Facebook [Closed Group - club house]

We have also set up a "clubhouse" Closed Group on Facebook which is only for members and invited Rotarians to share comments, views and ideas with each other.

  To visit our FB Clubhouse from here click https://www.facebook.com/groups/eaClubhouse (you will need to be logged into Facebook) or go to it from your FB account. You can invite people to join the group by email and these will be approved by club admin on receipt of legitimate invite from a member.


We also have a twitter handle - @rotaryeclubuk


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