Secretary's report 2015

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All in all, as Margaret has said, this has been a busy year.  In addition to my normal secretarial duties, I have continued (as promised 3 years ago)to digitise all club records and have completed  up to the end of Rotary 2013/2014.  The year 2014/2015 i.e the past year has been digitised as we have progressed and therefore there is very little left to do. of the 9 years the club has been in existence.  In addition, you will all be aware that I am also the Secretary of RAFA Rutland and I now have over 29,000 documents stored on my PC, which is adequately backed up electronically.

As Secretary, I am responsible for the continuity of the club and I feel that we must ‘spread the load’ and, when it comes to the jobs list later on the agenda attempt to think ahead.  At the end of Joyce’s year as President, I will have been President, Treasurer and 4 years as Secretary in succession and intend to take a rest.  This has already been notified to the club and reinforces the need to look ahead,

I am indebted to Margaret who, in spite of her duties as President, has remained as Assistant Secretary responsible for meal numbers, programming and speakers.  She has also indicated that she will stand down at the end of June 2016.

I have endeavoured to keep everyone informed of what is happening – whether you read it or not is up to you.  I know I send out a lot, however, I filter much of it and you do not see it all.

Having got used to the system, it is about to change (supposedly today, but watch this space).  Once it has all settled, I will ask Joyce and Margaret to slot me in to show you the changes that have taken place especially with regard to databases and use of the new RI, Rotary GB&I and District websites.  RI is to be called MY ROTARY AND HAS A REFERENCE TO ROTARY CLUB CENTRAL.  Hopefully all current systems will be combined into one and much more admin will be carried out electronically.  As an example, the award of a Presidential Citation to the club will be assessed on the information contained in the ROTARY CLUB CENTRAL element which means if you wish to entered then all things like club goals, membership, achievements, donation to Rotary Foundation, donations to Polio now etc, will have to all be kept up to date on this system.  There has been talk of also recording attendances (which is supposed to be recorded for every meeting and/or event, however, this at the moment is speculation.

I look forward to serving the club for the coming year but then-------------------------------

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