Club Meetings/ 2015-05-29 Visit of Rotaryklubb Bryne, Norway.

President Else Johanne Bryne and 17 members and partners visit Jersey.

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19.00 hours on Friday 29th May saw ten of our members welcoming our Norwegian visitors from Bryne to a meeting at the Pomme d’Or. Bryne is a town 30 km south of Stavanger and has a population of 18,000.  Rotary Club of Bryne was formed in 1957 and currently has 60 members.  Our visitors numbered 18 and arrived in the island the day before our meeting.  During the day they had been on a tour of the island guided by the wife of the Norwegian Consul.  Plans for the rest of the weekend included exploring St Helier and visiting Elizabeth Castle.
After everyone had enjoyed the fish buffet for dinner, Else their President told us a little of their club and what she perceived were the differences between Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland when compared to Norway.
The biggest difference appeared to be in supporting the local community where the scope of the social security system in Norway means that little “charitable” help is needed locally. However among their overseas projects was a school in Kenya for which they had fund raised to build, staff and develop other facilities over the years. (I suspect it is rather like Jersey’s connection with MIFUMI).
On club matters they meet weekly, NEVER for more than one hour. They do not have a meal but only a drink and a “cake”.  Continuity seems to be their theme in that their treasurer has looked after their finances for 20 years, the webmaster has been in place 15 years and the Foundation officer 10 years.
Our club has never made a friendship visit to Scandinavia, perhaps Geoff Shepherd and his international team next year might consider arranging one to Bryne?

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