Rotary - We're for Communities

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Rotary is a large, complex, multi-faceted organisation, so it’s not surprising that most of us find it quite difficult to explain what it’s all about – or to ‘sell’ Rotary to potential new members. There’s just too much to say, so we need a simpler, more compelling way to talk about Rotary.

After undertaking much research amongst both Rotarians and non-Rotarians, we’ve come up with a message that explains in essence what Rotary is all about – ‘We’re for Communities’. Let’s face it, just about everything that Rotarians do is aimed at supporting and benefiting their local community or communities in need elsewhere in the world.

Rotary clubs themselves are also communities: like-minded individuals working to a common plan, with leaders and ‘doers’, focused on achieving common objectives. That’s what communities are, and Rotary clubs, with their 1.2m members around the world, are a truly worldwide community.

‘Community’ is a notion that most people understand and many organisations strive to be associated with. So to talk about Rotary in terms of an organisation and a network of clubs that support communities is positive and attractive. Everyone has examples of how their club’s projects and fundraising supports areas of their own community, and those far away, so use those examples to illustrate the ‘We’re for Communities’ message.