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Rotary Club of Ilfracombe donates to Belle's Place for the purchase of new furniture and a computer

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Rotarians Martin Mather, Nigel Vince, Erica Castle, Helen Webb, Pam Hyde and Mark Thomas visited Belle's Place to view the improvements which had been made following transfer of ownership from Devon County Council. £700 of the funds raised by last year's Charity shop have been used to purchase leather effect tub chairs, oak effect tables and a new oven for the kitchen. We were also successful in applying for a District Grant of £425 which has been used to purchase a computer which is essential in the running of and achieving the objective of the centre. President Martin presented a framed certificate acknowledging the support of The Rotary Club of Ilfracombe and The Rotary Foundation which will be displayed above the computer. The young people attending Belle's Place had worked hard to provide a buffet for us which was very well received.