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Information and results from Moonraker 2013

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Hello every one, 

Many thanks to all those who helped out at our 30th Moonraker held under the starry sky of Wendover Woods.

The layout this year was a little in keeping with early Moonraker’s, in that we had no marquee! Several “Gozovers” were rustled up at very short notice and after a little delay we got all of our 24 teams off in one direction or another.

Some of our regular entrants maintained a 100% record in getting lost, moving from one route to the other with the grace that would make Dancing on Ice contestants jealous! The Rescue Car drivers are to be congratulated on driving the equivalent mileage of the Paris Dakar rally whilst staying the quiet cosy confines of Wendover.

ATC squadrons were from Wantage, Aldermaston and Wokingham. Rotaract were represented by Langley and Iver, Maidenhead and Wycombe. Ex Rotaractor’s from West Berks added to the number in Team Treacle.

Thanks to the guys from Raynet for coping with an al fresco environment, maintaining excellent communication and supplying a Gozover at short notice, well done.

St John Ambulance for supporting us once again with the ambulance and support vehicle and a small shanty town of their own. Never did find out what went on in there!

Also, special thanks to Lynne, Carolyn, Kate for keeping us all fed and watered, Adam and Claire for helping maintain a smooth line of communication within Central control .

Being our 30th completed Moonraker, I would also like all of us to thank Ron Piggott for all the miles that he has walked over the years, sometimes on his own, to develop the routes that have been used by, and given pleasure to many generations of Moonwalkers. Long may his boots keep walking.

Below are the results for the teams based on points scored on time keeping and question answering.

The questions helped separate the teams a little more this year and we have an outright winner Quicker Step Three. Quicker Step have in previous years been awarded the Moonraker Sponsorship Trophy for 2009 – 11, congratulations on their overall win.

Sponsorship recorded on the night is down on previous years, but teams did not all know how much they had to collect.

Once again, thanks to all.




Position     Team              Team name                        Points         Comment

1                      7              Quicker Step Three                        80           Overall Winner

2                      3    Maidenhead Rotaract Quick Foxes         74         1st Rotaract team

3                      6                  Moonravers                                67 

4                      1                  Ben’s Bunch                               63

5                      8                    Wot Ever                                   62

6                     22           The Treacle People                           61

7                      2                L&I Rotaract                                 60

7                     14                Paul Harris                                   60

9                     13          No longer to be found                       59

9                     15             Odds and Sods                              59            1st Kodak team

11                   12     Bewildered as to place, directions         57

12                   11              St Matthews ‘B’                            56

13                    5              BWCC Pedallo’s                             55

14                   10              St Matthews ‘A’                             54

15                   20         2499 Wokingham ATC 2                     53              1st ATC team

16                    4                      MESS                                      52

16                   16              Wantage ATC A                             52 

18                   21                 The Saints                                   50 

19                  19          2499 Wokingham ATC 1                     49

19                  23         2403 (Aldermaston) Sqn A                   49

21                  17               Wantage ATC B                             46

22                   24   SHEWEE 2403 (Aldermaston) Sqn B       39

23                    9                 Extra Terestrials                           11

24                  18                Horrowshow V                              9