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Rotary Club of South Queensferry – Council Terms of Reference

1. Objectives of the Council

The Council is the Management Structure of the Club. It is responsible for ensuring that all required decisions are made to facilitate the development and delivery of the Club’s Programme of activities. It is responsible for ensuring that the strategic aims of Rotary International, Rotary GB&I and the Club are achieved, with emphasis on the continued growth and development of the club.  In addition it should ensure the club’s programme of activities, events and initiatives are successfully delivered via it’s framework of Club Officers and Committees. The Council’s specific principal responsibilities are as follows:

  • To promote Rotary within the local community and the broader international arena through the giving of their time and talents by the Club Members.
  • To ensure effective succession planning is established for key Club Officer roles.
  • To develop a recruitment strategy for the club.
  • To review and approve strategic plans, budgets and forward planning timetables.
  • To provide general senior management oversight for the club and monitor the progress and delivery of key club activities, events and initiatives.
  • To establish an appropriate reporting framework, thereby ensuring that Members are kept fully informed of all relevant issues/matters affecting the club.
  • To provide guidance and support to Club Officers, Committee Convenors and Members as required.
  • To ensure the club’s finances remain robust and are being managed effectively through regular reporting to, and scrutiny by Council
  • To scrutinise, authorise and/or recommend certain levels of requests for donations from the club
  • To advise club members of all approved donation requests.
  • To deal with all other general correspondence referred to it requiring a decision or action by the club. The Council will decide which issues will require to be referred to the wider club membership for a decision.
  • To ensure that a suitable number of Social Activities are run in order to promote fellowship and enjoyment of Rotary by members, their families and friends

2. Authority Levels

The Council shall have general control over all Officers and Committees and, for good cause may declare any office vacant. Details of specific authority levels relating to the approval of donation requests the Club receives are detailed under sections 2.1, 2.2 & 2.3.

  2.1 Requests for Donations from the Club

All requests for donations from the Club must be channelled to the Club Secretary in the first instance. Thereafter the requests should be submitted to the next available Council meeting for consideration.

Council are authorised by the Club Members to approve individual donation requests up to a maximum figure of (£100) always providing that the cumulative  approved donations between Council meetings does not exceed a maximum threshold of (£500). Requests exceeding either or both of these thresholds must be submitted to the next available Business Meeting, with a recommendation from Council, for the Club Members to consider.

Details of all donation requests approved by Council must be notified to the next Business Meeting for awareness purposes. If Council decides to decline a donation request,   irrespective of the amount, details, including the reasons for declining must be submitted to the next Business Meeting.

At the Business Meeting Club Members have the authority either to ratify the Council’s decline recommendation or to approve the request if (they are of the opinion that) there are valid reasons for so doing. The reasons for overturning any Council’s decline recommendations must be minuted.

No communication of any Council recommendations should be intimated to the submitting individual/group or organisation until the Business Meeting has taken place and a final decision has been made.


2.2 Limitations of Authority

The aforementioned authorities relate to funds held in the Club’s Charitable Account.

Any decisions to make a donation from the Club Member’s Account must be submitted to and approved by Club Members.


2.3 Time Critical Requests

In the event of the timing of a donation request being time critical, rather than wait until the next available Council meeting, Council members can approve a request by way of email correspondence. In these “fast track” situations prescribed Council forum/voting rules/monetary thresholds must continue to be complied with and the membership informed at the soonest opportunity.


3. Council Action Final

The decision of the Council in all club matters is final, subject only to an appeal to the club. However as to a decision to terminate membership, a member, pursuant to article 12, section 6, may appeal to the club, request mediation or request arbitration. If appealed, a decision of the Council can only be reversed by a two-thirds majority vote of the Members present at a regular meeting specified by the Council, provided a quorum is present. Notice of appeal must be given by the Secretary to each Member at least 5 days prior to the meeting. The decision reached by the membership on any appeal shall be final.


4. Composition of Council

The Council shall comprise the following Club Officers and Ordinary Members: President, President Elect, Junior Vice President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer,  Committee Convenors and where required one member without portfolio who will provide specialist advice.


5. Election of Ordinary Members of the Council

The election of the Ordinary Members of the Council shall be by ballot of the Members entitled to vote and voting at the Annual General Meeting. (see By-Law 7 clause 6) .


6. Eligibility

No Member shall be eligible to serve as an Ordinary Member of the Council for more than three consecutive years.

Any Member nominated to be an Officer and not elected shall be eligible for election as one of the Ordinary Members of Council

Past President shall not be eligible to serve as an Ordinary Member of Council in the year following the year of service as immediate Past President.


7. Scrutineers

Before proceeding to a ballot the chairman shall appoint Scutineers from Members who have not been nominated for election at the meeting.


8. Vacancies

Any vacancy shall be filled by Council. The Member so appointed shall be entitled to complete only the unexpired term arising from the vacancy.

9. Meetings

Formal meetings of the Council shall be held at least six times per Rotary calendar year, or more frequently if deemed necessary, at a time and place to be decided by Council. Special meetings of the Council may be called by the President or upon request of two Members of the Council, with at least 24 hours previous notice.

10. Quorum

One third of the total Members of the Council shall constitute a quorum (except for the election of a new Council Member when the quorum shall be two thirds of the total membership of Council).


11. Voting

All voting shall be by viva voce vote or by show of hands. At all meetings, in the event of votes being equal, the Chair shall have a second or casting vote


12. Controls

Date this Terms of Reference was approved by Club Members


Date by which Terms of Reference is due for review

End May 2015

Club members contact point for any issues related to this Terms of Reference

R Brown/N McKinlay