15th July 2015 - Running Across The Sahara

The Marathon de Sables is one of the toughest challenges a runner can make - 150 miles across the scorching desert.

 We hold an online "Speaker Meeting" every Wednesday evening at 19.30 BST [GMT+1 London] online using video conferencing from Zoom Cloud Meetings - to join us simply use: Rotary E-Club of East Anglia's Weekly Zoom Meeting, https://zoom.us/j/470985565

Meeting: Thursday 9th July - Wednesday 15th July 2015

President's Prattling ...

  I have been busy this past week with my business, Rotary stuff and local village things. Having had friends over all weekend boating on the Broads and BBQ, drinking and socialising I feel dead beat. On the Rotary front we have now got some money in from most of the members and I have even had acouple of enquiries about joining.

I have had a very enlivening experience with two "20-somethings" wanting to start up a Rotaract Club each in Norwich [18-30 year old Rotarians]  - the enthusiasm of these guys was amazing. One is already a Rotaractor in Ghana and is setting up a University club in the UEA and the other is the grandson our next speaker and was inspired to set a community based club for young professionals and students in Norwich City. He took me by surprise when he said he had 20 members signed up already and was talking to about 8 more ... the energy of these guys makes me envious. 

The Ghanaian student, Abdul is going to be one of our speakers in September whne he has got his dissertaion out of the way ... talking about his life, his ambitions and his country. ... and no doubt Rotaract.

Club Happenings ...

Sam Sweiry is busy beavering away at building interest down in Eastbourne with our Sussex eGroup. We are still in discussion with Guy Brindle in the South West of England starting an eSatellite club attached to us as the sponsor host club. Ian Kerr is progressing towards charter very soon with our daughter eClub up in Scotland - the eClub of Aviation.

Even though our "Rotary Ride" cycle ride is over it is not for our member Les Smith .. he is in training for and well on the way to raising at least £500 for the British Lung Association and his page is at Virgin Giving http://bit.ly/1MmX622 - so if you can promote this through your contacts that would be could, especially on social media.

Keith is going to pull together a short quesitonaire to gain an idea as to what you want the club to be like and what you can offer in terms of making it meaningfull and fun. The aim is not to burden anyone but to put our thinking caps on for sharing ideas and getting to knwo more about each other and what makes us tick.

This Week's Speaker ... 15th July

Adventures in the Marathon De Sables by Wayne Singleton

A "feature" length special guest talk about Wayne's experiences running this race - the toughest foot race on earth! This meeting talk is longer than our normal 20 minutes one due to the nature of this fascinating talk. [64 minutes in totla with questions - but well worth a watch!]
also find out more with this link http://bit.ly/1KfM3Xh 

RunningAcrosstheSahara from Martin Brocklebank on Vimeo.

Time for Rotary ...

August is membership month in the Rotary calendar so we need to be thnking about how we can build on our membership and seek to get people we know interested in joining us. We need to get an idea as to what, you as members, want from the club and how you can help to achieve it.

We probably should now be thinking about how we can engage in "doing Rotary" and come up with inventive and fun ideas that we can share in and make a difference in our communities. It is not about reinventing the wheel so have a sneak around at what ohters are doing and pinch some ideas too!

Time to Enjoy ...

Competitive Foursome makes an enjoyable performance of "The Summer", composed by Antonio Vivaldi, which becomes the stage for a musical competition. Salut Salon fight acrobatically and with a special sense of humor -- this is a Salut Salon classic, a live recording from the movie "Salut Salon.

Time to Learn ...

from Silicon Valley's member Lisa Highfill – Search Using Google Maps
  Take a look at some of the cool ways of doing searches within Google Maps. Very cool!

If you have a morsel then let me know and i will add it - you can make comment below

Things to come ...

Here is a list of the upcoming speakers:

Click the link after each speaker to learn more about the topic [or visit our website at www.rotaryeclub.org.uk and follow the link for what’s on]

    • Wednesday 22nd July 2015 - "Born to be Free" by Mark Little President of RACSRAG

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    Rtn. Susanne Nielson 8 June 2022

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    more Bakhita House takes in women who have been subjected to slavery in all its forms but in particular sex slavery. Karen provides us with an insight as to how the house works.

    Jeremy Opperman 13 April 2022

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    Dr. Stephanie Yardley, Space Scientist

    more Stephanie is no stranger to the club and this evening she discusses with us the history and origins of Black Holes.

    Lina Souki-Schmidt

    more Lisa has family and friends in the flooded areas of Eastern Australia. In this talk she brings us up to date with the current situation and the catastrophic environmental impact on the local communities.

    Herbert Chatters 2 March 2022

    more Herbert talks about the origins of purple gin and how it raises money for the Rotary International 'End Polio Now' project

    Steve Wood 23 February 2022

    more Steve is the CEO of Rotary Radio UK. Never heard of it? You have now. Listen to Steve as he tells us all about the radio station.

    David Lindy

    more Our Club member has an interesting hobby - making silver jewellery. In this talk he tells us how he became interested and explained the manufacturing process.

    Azure Grimes 1 December 2021

    more Azure discusses with us the work of 'Libraries Without Borders', a US based charity.

    Rushton Hurley 24 November 2021

    more Rushton has been running a project to tap into the minds of teenagers, seeking ideas that Rotarians can develop to improve the world. This video is well worth viewing if you missed it.

    Lizzie Muir 27 October 2021

    more Lizzie is the Fundraising and Communications Executive with 'Anti-Slavery International', the oldest humanitarian charity in the world. In this video she tells us how slavery continues to blight the world in the 21st Century

    Connor Bryant 20 October 2021

    more Connor is CEO of 'Rubbish Ideas', a Company focused on creating a waste free world. In this talk he explains his ideas and aspirations and this is followed by a lengthy debate.

    Tom Gump 13 October 2021

    more Tom is passionate about forming new and innovative Rotary Clubs and in this talk he gives us an insight into the latest thoughts as to how the Rotary movement can adjust to meet the needs of the modern world

    Gordon McInally

    more Gordon has recently been approved as RI President 2023/24 and he has visited the club to share his views on the way forward for Rotary post Covid. He also hosts a lively question and answer session.

    Artificial Intelligence

    more Luis C. Goncalves tells us about then latest developments in artificial intelligence and his views as to what the future has in store.

    Seahorse Conservation in the Algarve

    more Klaur Ukens shares with us what is being done in Portugal to save these beautiful creatures from extinction.

    The Rotary Foundation explained

    more Steve Munns explains in plain language how The Rotary Foundation Charity works and how clubs can maximise their charitable giving by utilising the various grants available.

    Barry Rassin 2 June 2021

    more Barry is the Chair of the RI 'Shaping Rotary's Future Committee' and in this talk he shares with us the Committees recommendations for far-reaching changes to restructure the Rotary organisation.

    Sara Backhouse-Wood

    more Sara is a Fundraising Co-ordinator for Medical Detection Dogs, a Charity we are supporting with our Virtual Dog Show. Sara tells us how the Charity was started and how it is working today to train dogs that can 'sniff out' the Covid19 virus.

    Roll Out the Barrel 19 May 2021

    more Our member Adrian Brewer explains to the club the objectives of the above Charity and how it provides barrels to developing communities to transport water effectively.

    Rtn. Bob Thomson 28 April 2021

    more Bob talks to us about the life and times of the American Architect, Frank Lloyd Wright

    Dr. Stephanie Yardley - 15th April 2021

    more Stephanie returns to the club and this time she discusses with us the search for life in the Solar System.

    John Nanni 24 March 2021

    more John was a polio victim from an early age, contracting the disease around 6 months before the first vaccinations . In this talk he compares the Covid 19 epidemic with the pre polio world before vaccinations.

    Dr. Sarah Joseph - 3rd March 2021

    more Sarah is a clinical Immunologist and she took part in the vaccine trial for the Oxford / Astra Zeneca Covid 19 research, hence her talk is titled 'A Busman's Holiday in Lockdown'

    Jane Penson 17 February 2021

    more Jane's talk is titled ' Speak up for our Planet' and she describes what action we should all be taking to minimize the. effects of climate change

    Dr. Estela Landeror-Dugourd 2 February 2021

    more Estela discusses with us the reality of human trafficking in the world today.

    Dr. Teresa Belton 27th January 2021

    more Teresa is a visiting Fellow at the University of East Anglia and in this meeting she discusses with us how putting wellbeing first would help to sustain life on earth

    Hikari Umezawa 20 January 2021

    more Hikari is a Japanese Rotary Global Scholar currently studying at UEA. In this talk she discusses her career to date and her aspirations for the future

    Aiden Phillips 6 January 2021

    more Aiden discusses with us how his Charity 'Waves Trust', seeks to empower communities to protect our children.

    Gert-Jan Van Dommelen 10 December 2020

    more Gert discusses with us 'Plastic Soup' which is the disturbing effect of plastic waste in our environment.

    Simon Mtuy 25th Nov 2020

    more Simon was raised in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro and he tells us about his life and in particular his Community and Environmental activities.

    Mike Phillips 11 November 2020

    more MIke is the CEO of Eco Racing, the Company which developed the 'Virtual Balloon Race' software and in this talk he tells us how he got this product to market.

    Rotaract Club of Beirut Center 4 November 2020

    more The Rotaract club members share with us their experiences in the aftermath of the devastating explosion at the port in Beirut on 4th August 2020

    21 October 2020 - Alberto Lidji

    more Alberto explains how his podcasts seek to inspire his global listeners to be more philanthropic, to act more sustainably and to embrace social entrepreneurship.

    Prof. Mike Rosenberg 14 October 2020

    more Mike discusses the positive impact that business can have on climate change

    Knysna Education Trust 23 September 2020

    more Nicola Goodhall, Director and Gina-Lee Nel, Vice Chair discuss with us how the Trust works to provide pre-school learning to children in South Africa

    Guided Meditation for Peace One Day movement - 21st Sept 2020

    more This is a guided meditation by our member Lee Martin to reflect and contemplate the UN International Peace Day and the Peace One Day movement on 211st September 2020

    Jason Browne 16 September 2020

    more Jason is a motivational speaker and in this talk he demonstrates the various and latest technologies available which could make our meetings more interesting

    Janine Handel - 9th sept 2020

    more If you thought Roger Federer was just a world class tennis player then think again. Janine is the CEO of the Roger Federer Foundation which supports education for pre-school children in Southern African countries

    Gloria Barnett 12 August 2020

    more Gloria, known as the 'Weird Fish Lady', provides an insight into the world below the waves and the potential environmental disaster facing humankind

    Ron Duxbury 5 Aug 2020

    more Ron is the voice of the 'Bluebirds (Barrow FC) for Radio Cumbria and is a freelance BBC broadcaster

    Fred Krawchurch 29 July 2020

    more Fred provides an interesting perspective to the post Covid-19 future of non-profits such as Rotary International

    Felix Heintz 22 July 2020

    more If you think that Rotarians and Metalheads are akin to oil and water then think again. Felix founded the 'Rotarian Metalhead Fellowship' which goes from strength to strength.

    Nicki Scott 1 July 2020

    more Nicki will be an International Director of RI, representing RIBI. She takes up her post for two years commencing July 2021

    Sarah Paterson 17 June 2020

    more Sarah is the Editor of the 'Rotary Africa' magazine. This talk is titled 'Flamingo of Change' and Sarah links the Rotary movement to a very special bird

    Lara Symons 15 June 2020

    more Lara is the CEO Hostage International and in this talk she tells us how the Charity provides support for the families of Hostage victims

    Our Charity - Foundation RFUK & TRF - 10th June 2020

    more Mike Parry explains the role of Foundation in the UK and its relationship with RI Foundation worldwide

    Dr. Stephanie Yardley

    more Stephanie explains to us the phenomena known as the 'Northern Lights' or its technical name 'Aurora Borealis'

    Reverend Colin Chambers

    more Colin was the Chaplain at Robben Island during the period when Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. In this talk he gives great insight into the mind of one of the worlds great leaders.

    Why Corona virus is not behaving like any other virus

    more A talk about what makes Corona V different

    Virtual Dog / Cat Show 6 May 2020

    more We are on the verge of launching the virtual dog show and this video explains how we are going to do this and how we need the help of all club members. Please view this video so that everybody is ready to assist on the day of the launch.

    Neil Garner, CEO of Thyngs Ltd

    more Neil describes what the future holds for contactless payments and the implications for the charitable sector.

    Holger Knaak 22April 2020

    more Rotary International President Elect Holger Knaak takes an early opportunity to share with us his aspirations for his forthcoming year of office.

    Dr. Stephanie Yardley 15th April 2020

    more Stephanie is a Solar Physicist specialising in the study of the sun and in this talk she answers many of the questions that you may never have had the opportunity of asking.

    Judith Diment MBE 8 April 2020

    more Judith discusses her role as a Representative at the Commonwealth of Nations and she is also a member of the RI International Polio Committee

    Mark Maloney 1 April 2020

    more Mark is the RI President and he spends time with us answering questions from a 'Zoom' audience of 100 with at least 30 more unable to get in. If you were unsuccessful then this video gives you an opportunity to hear what he had to say.

    Coronavirus Pandemic

    more With international communities closing down, what can Rotarians do to help alleviate hardship in their local area?

    Susanne Rea 27 February 2020

    more Susanne held her first fundraising meal and raised $20. How did this lead to 'The Worlds Greatest Meal' which has raised $11 million? In this presentation she explains how.

    Facebook Workplace 19 February 2020

    more The Club uses extensively Facebook Workplace as its communications medium. If you want to know exactly how it works then this is the video for you.

    Mina Patel 5th February 2020

    more Mina is the Executive Director of 'Video Conference for Global Learning' In this talk she explains how teachers can deliver lessons remotely to anywhere in the world provided they have a broadband connection

    Afghanistan Women's Football - Eileen Vaughan - 29 January 2020

    more Eileen is a retired Canadian Army Major and in this talk she tells us about her experiences in Afghanistan and in particular how she organised a soccer match between NATO women and the Afghan Ladies under 22 team

    Elizabeth 'Biffy' Dankwerts 22 January 2020

    more Biffy is a regular visitor to our club and as well as being an active Rotarian she is a tour guide in Cape Town. At this meeting she shares with us the highlights of a beautiful part of the world

    Jeremy Gilley 15 January 2020

    more Jeremy is an actor, film-maker and founder of 'Peace One Day' held on 21st September annually and in pursuit of peace he has visited 122 Countries.

    Colin Thackery 18 December 2019

    more Colin is a Chelsea Pensioner and he astounded everyone by winning the 'Britain's got Talent' competition earlier this year and performed at the Royal Variety Show. In this video he discusses with us how this all came about.

    David McCleary 27 November 2019

    more David is the Chairman of the 'Rotarian Action Group Against Slavery' In this meeting he tells us about the progress made to eliminate slavery from the world.

    The Rotary Foundation 20th November 2019

    more Steve Munns, Regional Rotary Foundation Co-ordinator, Region 19, explains what happens to your donations and how grants are distributed

    Dare to Dream 23rd October 2019 - World Polio Day

    more Have you ever wondered how RI became involved in eradicating polio from the world? - this video tells the story

    Colette Hiller Talking Statues - 16th October 2019

    more An interesting talk by Creative Director and actress Colette Hiller

    Biffy Danckwerts South Africa - 9th October 2019

    more Biffy tells us how she has helped to improve education and support for the pupils of Isiphiwo primary school in the township of Khayelitsha, South Africa

    Will Pooley 2 October 2019

    more Will, a Healthcare Official, was in Sierra Leone when Ebola struck the community. Will went to the infection area, finally contacting the infection himself. He tells us of his harrowing experiences.

    Bob Thomson 24Jul 19 - "Getting to know me"

    more Bob is a new member but a very experienced Rotarian and he introduces himself to us. Following his presentation there is a discussion about a new potential fundraising project for the Club

    10th July 2019 - Ine Barlie World Champion Wrestler

    more Ine speaks about her life growing up in a wrestling family and her journey to becoming twice world champion and gold medallist.

    “Many Instruments Give An Orchestra It’s Richness of Sounds” - 3rd July 2019

    more Joanne Lockwood talks to us about diversity & inclusion

    Luke Addison 8 May 2109

    more Peace Advocate and Rotaractor Luke gives an insight into his work with the Peacejam foundation

    Donna Wallbank 1st May 2019

    more Donna will shortly become RIBI President and she tells us about her journey towards this very prestigious position

    Mark Esho - 'I Can, I Will' - 10th April 2019

    more Mark contracted Polio at 5 years of age and he tells his story as to how he overcame abuse, disability and racism.

    Jeffry Cadorette - 27th March 2019

    more Jeff is a forward thinking RI Director and he discusses with us the challenges facing Rotary in todays world

    Will Mclnerney 20th March 2019

    more Will is a Rotary Scholar, Educator, Poet and Journalist. He is currently studying for a PHD at Queens College, Cambridge. Tonight he talks about his research into why men are responsible for 90% of violent crime.

    Tim Ford 20 February 2019

    more Tim is a Rotary Scholar studying Latin American Studies at Fitzwilliam College Cambridge. In this video he explains how he ended up studying in the UK and his aspirations for the future

    Catherine Ward, Rotary Scholar - 6th February 2019

    more Catherine is currently studying at Pembroke College, Cambridge University and she shares her experiences with us.

    Rotarian Frank Yakimchuk - 6th January 2019

    more Frank lives in Northern Ontario and he tells us his story.He is our President in 2021-22

    Rachel Lunsford 21st November 2018

    more Rotary Scholar, Rachel, is currently studying for a Masters Degree at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. This is her story so far.

    Monique Labat 18 Jul 2018 - Author and Food Writer

    more Monique has published a hard and on-line cook book called 'Facebook Foodies'. She tells us how she did this

    Magic Exposed

    more An interesting insight as to how magicians manage to fool us all.

    June 6th 2018 - Dave King - Rotary Magazine

    more Dave talks about the challenges of the Digital v Print fo rthe magazine in the 21st Century

    Gordon Crann 30th May2018

    more Have you wondered what the Rotary eClub of Social Innovators is all about? - find out here as Gordon tells us all about it

    Dean Rohrs 28th March 2018

    more Dean is a Rotary International Director and Vice President. She tells us what inspired her to Join the Rotary movement.

    Foodbanks in the USA - Carol Jankowski

    more In 2016, the Morton division of Midwest Food Banks had over 1,800 volunteers who donated more than 12,000 volunteer hours. Director Carol shares with us how it works.

    Stories, Tech and The Best from Your Teams

    more Rushton Hurley shares his take on how stories, technology and our members can give a cool message to the public.

    A Mississippi Adventure

    more Rtn. Ken Robertshaw travelled the length of the Mississippi and tonight he shares his story

    An Ozzie Experience

    more Mark Huddleston founded the Rotary Club of Seaford, South Australia but all is not as it seems. This has to be the modern way!!!

    School in a Bag

    more School in a Bag is a simple solution created to help poor, orphan, vulnerable and disaster affected children throughout the world.

    29th November 2017 Rtn. Malcolm Dent

    more Malcom describes his very active life as an event organiser and fundraiser

    Rtn. Stuart Fidler 10th January 2018

    more Stuart shares his experiences on active service during the Falklands conflict 1982

    eClub best practice 17th January 2018

    more a multi Rotary eClub discussion to identify best practice to be presented at the Toronto 2018 Rotary convention

    24 January 2018 Agrieneth Masula

    more Agrieneth is a Rotary Scholar from Botswana and is studying at Anglia Ruskin University. She tells her story.

    Rotary in Southern Africa

    more William Lee, member of the eClub of Southern Africa and DG Representative in Botswana tells us about his role and that of Rotary in Southern Africa

    21st February 2018 Gopal Panthi

    more Gothal spent more than a day on buses travelling to and from District 3292 Conference in Nepal. Was it worth it? - find out here

    Rotarian Harry McCann

    more Harry, at 19 years, has been named as one of the 10 outstanding young persons in the world. This week he tells us what he has done to deserve such an accolade.

    13th September 2017 Creating Better Futures

    more Rotarian Dorothy Dix shares her passion for her charity 'Creating Better Futures'

    The journey from the NHS to Qatar.

    more Our member Paul Grant started in the NHS and ended up in Qatar. This is his story.

    Medical / Cancer Detection Dogs

    more Rotarian Norma Howell shares with us her passion for medical /cancer detection dogs

    Jane Barley

    more Listen to Jane as she tells us about her experiences volunteering in a maternity hospital in Ethiopia

    Good news shared 5th July 2017

    more Nisha Kotecha tells us about her website www.goodnews.com which promotes good news stories

    Handover 28 June 2017

    more President Gary takes over from IPP Jaqueline. Also hear about our new social media platform 'Facebook Workplace'

    Meet our new member Phil Hills 8th June 2017

    more Phil has recently transferred from another Rotary Club and this is his story


    more Andrew “PAV” Taylor is one of those special people ... Talking about his journey though his injuries sustainedinthe Afghanistan War

    Club Assembly May 2017

    more President Elect Gary outlines his ideas for his year of office

    29th March 2017 - The London Marathon

    more Join our Club member Rebecca as she tells us about her preparation for the 2017 London marathon and her fund raising efforts for 'Action on Hearing Loss'

    8th March 2017 - Water Survival Boxes, Hugo Pike

    more Hugo Pike, Rotarian & Trustee of the RIBI approved Charity Water Survival Boxes gives an interesting insight into the Charity and its workings. The technology was challenging but stick with it for an interesting meeting.

    1st March 2017 - Children in Need- Paul Fisher

    more Children in Need

    23rd November 2016 - Escape From Aleppo - Enana Assalaf

    more This week Enana shares her harroing story of her time living and studying in her home in Aleppo

    19th October 2016 - Sean Chandler - Music and the Deaf

    more Sean shares how music changed him from being a young frustrated lad to the person he is today

    3rd March 2016 - A conversation with Michael Angelo Caruso

    more Michael Angelo Caruso teaches people how to be better speakers.and we have the honour of sharing an evening online with him

    24th February 2016 - Get Over It!! - the O2 Dome Trekkers

    more A team of six intrepid urban mountaineerers trekked over the top of the O2 Dome to raise money for End Polio Now & a Water Project

    17th February 2016 - Building Science Fiction, Robert Hume

    more Rotary scholar Robert shares his journey to building a better world through sustainable engineerin

    10th Feb 2016 - Mitty Chang

    more Mitty is from the eClub of Silicon Valley and is going to talk to us about the next ten years facing "not for profit" organisations and what they can do about it.

    3rd February 2016 - Joint Meeting with Southern Scotland eClub

    more An inspiring talk from Sammi Kinghorn, Scottish wheelchair athlete who suffered an accident at age 14 and she has since gone on to be a three Gold Medal winner. She shares her story with us.

    27th January 2016 - Getting a Community Project up and running - Nick Corke

    more Nick Corke shows us how his Framlingham Club set upp a succesful community project.

    20th January 2016 - OPEN with John Gordon-Saker

    more the compelling story of OPEN Norwich Youth Charity

    13th January 2016 - Ouse Washes Project

    more To dscuss with Mike Anthony supporting the Ouse washes [Rotary Ride] Project

    6th January 2016 - social meeting

    more A get together for our first meeting of the New Year

    25th November 2015 - Claudia Maffetone - Rotary Peace Fellow [My Story]

    more Claudia Maffetone is a Peace fellow Student at Bradford Universaty sponsored by Rotary in 2015

    11th November 2015 - Paul Wilson .. How social media changed my life.

    more Paul Wilson - Swimarathon

    28th October & 4th November - catch up

    more This week is a catch up of the past two weeks of activity.

    21st October 2015 - Water Aid - Louisa Peaver

    more Ending extreme poverty and building a healthier, more prosperous world for the poorest people cannot be done without safe water, sanitation and hygiene.

    14th October 2015 - A Life in the Day of a President - Peter Davey

    more Peter Davey President of Rotary GBI shares his motivation and views on Rotary and his role.

    7th October 2015 - A Fellowship Evening

    more This week we are trying something new - rather than a speaker members simply turn up and see who is online and chat about anything you want.

    30th September - Life in Ghana - Abdul-Razak Yakubu

    more Abdul tells us his story and his ambitions to improve peace and make his world a better place

    23rd September 2015 - The bombing of Coventry - Dr Keith Tovey

    more A captivating story from Keith Tovey about his family involvement when Coventry was bombed and a Peace Concert in November 2015

    16th September 2015 - Club Meeting

    more This week was meant to be a talk on Sex, Death Violence & Cruelty, looking from an unusual historical perspective and source.

    9th September - Community First Responders, Jacqueline Whipp

    more One of our members steps in to talk to us about the work of CFR

    2nd September 2015 - Allan Berry - member story

    more Member Allan Berry shares a bit about himself and what he gets up to in Rotary

    26th August 2015 - Pakistan is getting there - Aziz Memon

    more Tonight Aziz Memon, Chairman of the Pakistan Polio Plus Committee and is speaking to us from Pakistan about the work being done to eradicate Polio in Pakistan

    19th August 2015 - The Kings Arms reclaimed - John McGorty / Abby Panks

    more How a social enterprise venture resulted in a pub being owned by the village of Shouldham in Norfolk UK

    12th August 2015 - Child Reach International - Tom Law

    more Great insight into the work of Child Reach International

    5th August 2015 - Wobbling Through Africa

    more Rob Lindegger shared his ambitious 25,000 Km cycle ride across Africa.

    29th July 2015 - Evolution of Rotary in Afghanistan

    more Luke Beer IPP of the Rotary Club of Kabul City talks about his club and working in Afghanistan

    22nd July 2015 - Born to be Free

    more Mark Little gives a passionate talk about about the issue of child slavery still in the world today!

    8th July 2015 - Give Peace a Chance

    more Give Peace a Chance - Pat Webb, District Peace Officer

    1st July 2015 - Happy New Year

    more No Speaker for this week

    24th June 2015 - Confessions of a Radio Host

    more Confessions of a Radio Presenter 24th June 2015

    17th June 2015 - Heaven's Above

    more Heaven"™s Above! By Canon Bob Baker "“ a light hearted look at the work and life of a country rector

    10th June 2015 - The Importance of Foundation

    more TRF - what is it and why is it important? speaker Steve Munns

    3rd June 2015 - Members talk

    more "About Me" - speaker Martin Brocklebank

    Previous Clubhouse Weekly Meetings

    more An archive of our asynchronous weekly meetings

    Previous Clubhouse Weekly Meetings

    more An archive of our asynchronous weekly meetings

    Rotary Community Corps

    more Ever heard of Rotary Community Corps? No! - neither had I Rtn. Tim Mason explains what it is all about

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