Rotary in the Community/ IRONMAN 2015 by Peter Fletcher

An excellent overview of IRONMAN 2015, from Horwich Rotary's very own 'IRON MAN': Rtn. Peter Fletcher:

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I have often wondered why we find it a near impossibility to recruit young members into our club and whilst I acknowledge that the pattern and pace of life is completely different from when I joined some years ago I do accept that a lot of young people are very keen to do something for others who are not as fortunate as they are; they just do it in a different way - like the IRONMAN

To swim 2.4 miles, cycle 112 miles and run a marathon (26.2 miles), one after the other, strikes me as bordering on the masochistic, but those who took part on Sunday 20th July, and there were over 2000 of them, seemed to enjoy it and what's more raised over £1 million for very worthy charities.

The winner David McNamee from Scotland did it in an incredible 8hrs 46mins 37secs whilst the first lady, Lucy Gossage, did it in an equally impossible 9hrs 31mins 58secs. I attended the presentation ceremony in the Premier Suite at the Macron Stadium on the following Monday when over 400 participants were there to cheer the winners. The first presentation was made by Rotarian Phil Hersee, Rotary Charity Fundraiser trustee to the top fundraiser of the event Anthony John who raised over £4300 for Multiple Sclerosis. Then came presentations to the top 10 women competitors followed by the top men.

Pictures show presentation to Anthony John, top 10 women and top 10 men, and winners Lucy Gossage and David McNamee acknowledging the cheers of the audience.

If I've wetted your appetite to enter IRONMAN 2016 then the entrance fee is £99 together with a minimum pledge of £1000 for the charity of your choice - Any takers? 

The final picture shows the feeding station at the Beehive where members of the club worked hard for most of the day doling out water, energy gels, bananas, coca cola and the like.