Desai School in Nairobi

We are aiming to raise £1400 to upgrade this school in a Nairobi slum

Latest update :-  The target was reached so we could send £2000 to Rotary Swindon Old Town which brought their total to £9000 enabling them to obtain a Rotary Global Grant to bring the overall total to £31000. The building is now taking  place.

Desai School  is situated in a slum in Nairobi and only takes students who live in the slum. The intention is to give them hope for a future. Also the staff are recruited from the slum and trained to a high level.

Over the last 14 years the examination results have been excellent as students and staff are keen and hardworking.

The plan is to add a kitchen and more rooms so the number of pupils can increase by 150. Also a secure water and electricity supply will be  installed.

Our target is £1400. So far we have received a £250 donation. The proceeds of The Rotary Garden Party hosted by Polly and Joe  will also join the fund. John is training for a Tewkesbury 10k run on Sep 6th. His target is to complete it in under the same number of minutes as his age !  Sponsors welcome.

Update  :- Donations came in from Alan and Judith's wedding. Sponsors for the 10k run were very generous and John ran the 10k in 15 minutes under his age  !

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