David Morton is inducted and Wendy Morton MP talks!

Wendy Morton MP gave a talk on "The road to, and life at, Westminster", and at the same meeting, David Morton was inducted as a member.

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David was inducted by President David Milner, with sponsor John Morton (no relation!) in support.

David has previously helped the club by "sweeping" the 23 mile Wensleydale Wander. He remains at the family home in Redmire and continues to run their business in Leyburn while Wendy spends much of her time in Westminster and the Midlands.

Ex-member Wendy Morton returned to the club to talk on “The road to, and life at, Westminster”. Wendy was a member of the club until she was elected MP for Aldridge & Brownhills near Birmingham at the General Election, and transferred to the Rotary Club of Aldridge. Her husband, David, was inducted as a member of Wensleydale Rotary immediately before Wendy’s talk!
Wendy gave a fascinating talk, informing members and their partners that she had first become interested in politics when she was elected to Richmondshire district council a decade ago. She fought parliamentary elections at Newcastle Central and Tynemouth before being successful this year. She then gave many interesting insights into what life is like for a new MP at Westminster.