7 Reasons for Joining Rotary

Seven reasons why you might wish to join us

On a visit to Guwahati, India

Rotary - what's in it for me?

You may be wondering if Rotary could be for you, but the real question on your mind is "What's in it for me?" You may be willing to commit some of your time to Rotary, but what will you get out of it? Here are seven reasons why you might like to join Rotary;

1. Chance to Get Involved

If you'd like to "give something back" to your local community then Rotary could be the chance you've been waiting for. Joining Rotary gives you the opportunity to do something really worthwhile in support of others. 

By getting involved, you’ll meet interesting people from your community and from around the world. You’ll tackle local issues that are important to you and your fellow club members. You’ll feel the shared sense of purpose that comes from working together to better your community.

2. Volunteering

Rotarians regularly volunteer to provide service work to the local community. Maybe you'd like to volunteer with litter picking or help with the Marie Curie Cancer Care's annual Great Daffodil Appeal. If you can use a paintbrush then you might like to get involved in decorating a community building. If you like the outdoors then you may become involved in tree planting or tree coppicing work. Some of us like to volunteer as crew members on a boat on the River Medway. Others help as presenters with Rotary Radio UK. There's always something for you to get involved in.

3. Fun and Friendship

Rotary membership is a whole lot of fun! Our club arranges a varied programme of activities that provide a welcome distraction from an hectic work life, and the chance to forge new friendships with like-minded people. What's more, there are plenty of activities for family members to join in too.

4. Business Opportunities

Rotary was founded over 100 years ago as a business networking club - and this is still a major part of Rotary life. Ethical practice is encouraged as a core aspect of our philosophy, and with members drawn from all sectors of business and professional life, the opportunities to network are literally endless.

5. Personal Growth and Development

As well as improving cultural and social awareness, membership of Rotary can help develop your leadership, public speaking, project management, event management and interpersonal skills.

6. The Chance to Learn

Through guest speakers at club meetings, you'll learn more about a huge range of fascinating subjects e.g. the eradication of polio, strategic town planning, approaches to education and the work of a wide range of other charitable organisations.

7. Travel Opportunities

Join Rotary, and you won't just be a member of Sittingbourne Invicta - you'll be part of a vast international family of 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide. Wherever you are, at home or abroad, one of 34,000 clubs is nearby, waiting to give you a warm welcome.

As a member of Sittingbourne Invicta you will also have the opportunity to take part in international projects and travel overseas; as some of us did to India in 2005 and 2010 and Kenya in 2012. You'll also enjoy weekend's away with other club members at our annual district conference, and meeting up annually with other Rotarians from France and The Netherlands.

You can eradicate polio - you can feed the hungry...




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