Chloe in Ecuador

Hi Peter

Sorry it's a little late but just thought I would drop you a little
message to say that I am safely back at home after my expedition of a
lifetime. I had an absolutely amazing time out in Ecuador, even though
it was a lot of hard work and either incredibly hot or pouring down
with rain! We were in lots of close contact with the local children
who were just so excited to see us and it really made me feel like we
were making such a difference. And of course the country itself was
utterly beautiful and so green - like nothing I have ever seen before!
I could go on about it for hours; it is definitely something I hope to
do again someday. It certainly made me appreciate all my creature
comforts back at home - even simple things, like water.

Please send on my thanks again to the club for helping me to do this.
I would also be delighted to come along and show off some of my
stories and pictures to the club, if that was something you wanted.

Best wishes