Our work providing clean water

For over seven years now, Rotary Middleton has been sponsoring and raising money to help provide water for the villagers in Tharaka, Meru in Kenya.

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The first of the projects was completed in 2011, and this was to build a wall about two feet high, around two rocks forming a resevoir to collect clean rainwater which runs to a storage tank.

Each completed project provides clean water for around 300 families - that's about 1,800 people.The water is piped from the storage tank to a supply kiosk containing the tap.

Families have to be registered to be able to use the kiosk to obtain water. New families moving close to the tanks are not refused water but are asked to make a small one off payment to become registered.

The kiosk istypically opened only for 2 days each week. Each family being allowed to take some 40 litres of water each day - 80 litres per week. 

The women  no longer have to spend up to 8 hours a day searching for water. They no longer suffer from headaches and the neck, chest and back problems caused by carrying 20 litres of water for many hours each day. Children no longer get worms as they now have fresh clean water to drink

Rotary Middleton have received a letter from the Rotary Club in Meru, stating that children are improving their academic performance as a result of the water projects. They said that average marks for the children at school have risen from 230 to 280, which is a dramatic increase. Water based illnesses have also decreased, so overall health has improved for the villagers.