Press Reports/ 2nd October

Sharmain Haque addresses the Club

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The Rotary Club met on October 2 at the Bay Hotel . President Maggie Stringer welcomed Sharmain Haque , a former pupil at Ysgol Dewi Sant who recently completed her degree in theology at Oxford University. Secretary Nigel Owen announced the winners of the rugby swindle covering the first fortnight of the world cup – John Ratcliffe, Eirian Evans, Tom Kinver and David Hughes.

Sharmain then talked about her experience since participating in the Rotary Youth Speaks competition at school and a memorable exchange with Ann Widdicombe as Rotary young interviewer . At Oxford she embraced fully the opportunities for study  and student politics, taking up important committee offices in the Oxford Union and serving as female welfare representative. She thanked Rotary for the boost  that  taking part in the local youth competitions had given her.  She plans to help the Rotary ‘end polio now’ campaign in Pakistan by working with the British Pakistani community, especially the women’s network. In future she intends to study for the graduate diploma in law to help achieve her aspiration to become an advocate in international organisations. The club much enjoyed Sharmain’s engaging delivery and relaxed demeanour  and invited her to return for the next chapter of what promises to be a fascinating and fulfilling career.

The meeting closed with the final toast by David Hughes.



John Ratcliffe 3/10/15