Wadebridge Rotarians on a local car rally - but not in this car!!

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Nick P, our President, in cahoots with wife Jane excelled himself by supporting the UK oil industry – not forgetting the UK Treasury - through his ‘Rally for All’ on Sunday 11 October.  Some 10 cars – some with two occupants and others with three or four (not sure what the optimum number is for success, but I know from bitter experience that 4 was fine until Tracey’s brother’s wife fell asleep on the long haul from Camelford to Boscastle and only really came to when ice-creams appeared at Restharrow in Trebetherick!) – departed from Piggy Lane car park, in a staggered manner, from 1.45 p.m. onward.

We had questions – both cryptic and plain – to answer, a sheet of photos to decipher, locate and place in order, restaurant/café/pub names to write down or remember (I’ll come back to that) and to top it all we had to list all the Methodist, C of E & Catholic Churches we spied along the route at the same time looking out for as many country flags as we could see.  How accidents were avoided, I do not know!

All these items to ‘remember’ – needless to say in our car (2 Odd Couples in a Toyota) memories failed us when we got back from our voyage and we’d omitted to write any of these down; serve us right, I hear you mutter!  We needed the motor skill of Lewis Hamilton and the brain of Emily Maitlis ('clever, lovely and poised' - BBC) or………..your choice.

At Bridge Bistro, where we all gathered for supper – and what a good supper it was – there was much ‘friendly’ argument and banter as to who was right or wrong with their answers; largely we blamed the question master.  Well, why not!  There were winners and losers, but in the end who cared?  We had all had a marvellous afternoon and a fabulous meal in great company.

As for Nick and Jane – well they’re away to The Galápagos Islands which according to Google “is a volcanic archipelago, in the Pacific Ocean, and a province of Ecuador, lying about 1,000km off its coast.  Charles Darwin visited in 1835, and his observation of Galápagos' species later inspired his theory of evolution” – will The Pickles be remembered in any similar manner for their visit, I wonder?  Thanks Nick & Jane – have fun!
Photos by Trevor Wiltshire