Rotary in the Community/ Donate £1 for Dementia Appeal

Following a graphic account of the plight of hospital patients suffering from dementia, Horwich Rotary donated over £300 to support the Bolton News Dementia Appeal.

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Many Rotarians knew of family, friends or acquaintances suffering from some form of dementia but few appreciated how distressing it could be in the more severe cases when they were admitted to hospital for other ailments.

Like many other hospitals, the Royal Bolton is a large hospital with many wards looking very much the same. There is little to distinguish facilities and in toilet and washrooms, everything has a white glaze. In severe cases, dementia patients may have difficulty in locating specific facilities and if they do find them, they find it difficult to return to their bed.

Staff are already under tremendous pressure and dementia patients sadly place an extra burden on them.

The Dementia Appeal aims to improve the facilities progressively through wards in the Hospital so that it has a less confusing environment. Colour can be used to distinguish one facility from another and the area around a bed could be made more personal.

Presenting the cheque to fund raiser Andy Lee, Rotarian president Tom Mather said "Horwich Rotary fully support the Dementia Appeal which clearly addresses an area of growing concern within our community. I also hope that other local organizations and businesses will generously support the Appeal."