Limbs to Ghana Project Update!

Rotary Club of Mansfield "Limbs to Ghana" Project

Artificial Limbs from UK to Ghana


More great news from Rotary Club of Mansfield's "Limbs to Ghana" project.

The latest shipment of artificial limbs has now been safely received at the Orthopaedic Centre in Ghana.

You will be happy to see the photographs attached which show the limbs being un-packed and sorted.

Head of the project in Ghana is Sister Elizabeth, and we have copied details of her messages to Rotarian Michael Hyde-Barker below;

Sent: Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 1:28 PM,

Less than one hour ago the 2 pallets arrived on our compound.  We have just taken them off the truck.  Thanks so very much.  I will soon send you pictures.

More later


Sister Elizabeth

Sister Elizabeth then went on to advise;

Sent:23 October 2015 14:59
To: Michael Hyde-Barker
Subject: Re: Artificial Limbs from UK to Ghana

I just got back from the workshop where they are sorting through the crates before sending them to the storeroom.  We are very grateful for all, very happy with the wheelchairs as we are short of them.

Some of the limbs are very new and the knee joints are beautiful, many amputees will be happy.

The local Rotary Clubs are considering having us for their project this year, it would be great if they decide too, say a prayer.  We are hoping that they can have some contact with Rotary International as we are trying to find funds to build five self contained rooms (2 patients in a room) for the male amputees.  Where they are staying now is not acceptable and very crowded in dorms.  So we are hoping.

Again thanks and please extend my greetings to the Rotarian's in the Club. 

Sister Elizabeth 

Mansfield Rotary Club's "International Committee" are now actively seeking additional ways in which we can support Sister Elizabeth in her new project.

Operation "Limbs for Ghana" has been running for may years now and it is our intention to continue to support this project, while ever there is a need.

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