The Rotary Club of Llantrisant supports charities working on humanitarian projects abroad.

Our International committee is very active, answering emergency calls from disasters on the international front, together with a programme for supporting active projects to aid humanity from around the World. These include Life Straws, which filter contaminated water, making it clear and safe to drink. Shelter Box, which is a container with emergency supplies such as tents, spades, lanterns and other essential items, which are sent out to areas that have been affected by flooding, earth quakes etc.. Lend with Care, which lends money to people who have a prospective business proposal to start or expand a current undertaking. Over 60 people have benefitted from the help of our club with loans to sponsor their ideas, after the monies are returned, it gets re invested with new entrepreneurs. Mary's Meals, a charity who feed deprived children. The current number of recipients has just passed 1.1 million children. These are to name a few where the international committee are assisting with.