Santa's Grotto

The Advent Adventure kicks off the Christmas fundraising period for the Rotary Club.

Christmas is an exciting time of year although it is also our busiest time.  Santa's Grotto is one of our favourite events. This event is Santa's first outing of the season. 

The Grotto is not a fundraiser for the club - its a community event.  Over the years the event has changed as it is no longer run by the council but planned and organised by the Village Business Partnership.  Some members of the Rotary Club are involved with the partnership and so we always take part in this family fun start to Christmas.

Club members set up an enchanting Grotto in the village with the help of family and friends who also volunteer to help get it just right. It's well worth the effort involved just seeing the faces of the children who come along to meet Santa who makes a stop at the Aldridge event every year.   

We take it in turns to man the Grotto depending on what time we have to offer, we spend our time making sure that the children get in fairly quickly to see Santa but also have a bit of time to talk to him, and we also chat to the public who are enjoing the event.  Its a good way of socialising and meeting people. There is always time to have a walk around too and see what else is going on at the Village event.  

Find out more about our Christmas events and ways to get involved on some of our other pages.

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