Membership of Filey Rotary Club

How you can become involved in Filey Rotary projects to help others in our community and farther afield, and enjoy fun and friendship through Rotary membership

The Mark IV (Dec 2019) Human Fruit Machine in action

There are two types of membership available through the Filey Club - Full and Associate Membership.  

Full Membership entitles Rotarians to the all the privileges of being a Rotarian, and requires them to pay an annual subscription and meet any other financial dues.   They qualify to hold office at the local, District and national level, and are entitled to vote in any District and national Rotary elections.  

Associate Members enjoy the benefits of Rotary membership for a period not normally exceeding twelve months.  There is no subscription fee, but may wish to make a contribution towards the Club's administrative costs.    Costs of meal, social events etc., where applicable, will be on the same basis as Full Members.  Whilst attendance at meetings is encouraged, there is no minimum attendance expectation.   They are entitled to vote on all the Club’s internal matters, but not on rule changes or in District or Rotary Great Britain and Ireland elections.  

Associate Members may seek to change their status to full membership at any time.    

Commenting on our current overall membership postion and projects (18th November 2020) Our President, Rotarain Denise Whetton writes as follows:

'On November 6th 2020 we had a Zoom meeting to raise a glass to celebrate the 74th anniversary of Filey Rotary Club receiving its Charter.'Our club is now has a significantly smaller membership than it used to be but still raised funds for local community groups and charities through our Christmas Grotto in 2019, which fortunately took place before the start of the pandemic.  Lockdown has meant we could not hold our Spring Fair or Summer Fair or to help the RNLI which we helped with our Human Fruit Machine on Lifeboat Weekend.  We were the noisy group on the Coble Landing and over the years we have raised hundreds of pounds specifically for them.

I am writing to see if anyone would be interested in finding out ‘just what we do’ being part of Rotary. If you feel you would like to find out more, please private message me with your contact details and we will forward to you further information on both our Community and International projects.   Basically, I am trying to think ahead, when we get back to some normality and help our Filey Rotary Club grow in membership.

As a Rotary Club we are not as formal as we used to be and concentrate more on friendship and fellowship alongside our fund raising – which can be a lot of fun.

Best wishes to you all, keep well and stay safe.

Denise Whetton


The Rotary Club of Filey'

Our Membership Officer, Peer Miolnes, will be happy to give you more information about Rotary and Rotary membership.   Peter can be contacted as follows:

Tel: 01723 891485 (Business)

       01723 891150 (Home)



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The Mark IV (Dec 2019) Human Fruit Machine in action

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