Aspire project

To support Aspire to install a children's playground.

Aspire is a self-help Community group working from the former Trinity Church in Dover Street, Ryde.

Aspire's aim is to provide high quality and flexible support services for local people where and when they need it most. The services aim to give individuals and communities the support they need to improve their quality of life and feel a part of a vibrant local community.

Rotary club of Ryde is working with the volunteers at Aspire on various fronts and have just embarked on a project to transform the children’s play area.
The existing garden provides a safe environment for children of parents and guardians visiting the centre and provides invaluable help in many cases of access difficulties. Children play in the secure garden with garden toys. There are however, some issues with the area and there is limited space for parents / guardians to be on hand, the existing vegetation is taking up a considerable part of the area. 
The project, valued at circa £4,000.00 was proposed by Aspire and taken on by The Rotary Club of Ryde as part of their continuing support of the local community.
Funding is shared between Aspire and Ryde Rotary Club who have also benefitted from a District Rotary Grant for the project to enhance the garden area which includes the installation of wooden play equipment to provide a Fort and a galleon to inspire the children's imagination and provide many physical challenges for all groups.

In addition to the play areas, a new seating area is being incorporated which will enable parents and guardians to be close to their charges whilst giving them the freedom of play.