Club Meeting 6 January 2015

Induction of Ralph Davies and Talk on Airbus

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Following the induction of Ralph Davies as a new club member we were privileged to have a talk from Peter McLoughlin

Peter gave a talk on the history and subsequent great success of the European Airbus company having evolved over the last 40 years thanks to the vision, Innovation and passion of its employees. Its Headquarters today is in Toulous France with fully owned subsidiaries around the world

The A300 became the world’s first twin engine widebody jet with its commercial service entry during 1974. It was followed in the early 1980s by the Airbus shorter-fuselage A310 derivative, then later in that decade by the company’s single-aisle A320 which has developed into one of the most successful aircraft families in history with the A318, A319, A320 and A321

In the 1990s Airbus introduced its long-range family and a new era of travel started in 2007 when the 500 seat A380 began commercial operation. Airbus continues to invest in improvements across its market leading modern product line. In fact now it leads its main competitor Boeing for market share.

Peter explained his involvement in the European built Airbus through his position in government at the time, ensuring funding would be available if required, he had, no doubt, exciting times with the politics involved.

A most enjoyable and informative talk was given by Peter

Airbus Orders and Deliveries November 2015 – Total Orders = 16,278

                                                                                       Total Deliveries = 9,441

                                                                                        In Operation  = 8,608