Brentwood Breakfast Rotary Club at Ford Diversity Plaza

Providing loads of information about what Rotary does locally, nationally and internationally to Ford Central Office staff at Warley Brentwood

Our Club showcased our service projects to Ford staff at Warley and encouraged them to #trysomethingnew and give a little back to their community by considering volunteering with Rotary.

We displayed a ShelterBox  in the wake of the Chilean Earthquake and tsunamis that have displaced and made homeless thousands of people earlier in September week and during the current Syrian refugee crisis. ShelterBox has been working in Syria since 2013. We collated data for where our previously donated boxes have been deployed since the early 2000's and those funded by the other Rotary Clubs in Brentwood  - between the three clubs 49 boxes have been deployed to assist people facing the worst time of their lives to offer them Shelter and above all humanitarian hope for the future.

We highlighted the work of the small Scottish International charity Mary's Meals providing nourishing meals to over a million children in schools round the world for £12.20 per child for a year - helping not only to get and keep the children in education but by resourcing food locally and involving the childrens' mothers in the provision and cooking, helps to reates a sustainable solution to hunger and poverty.

We promoted our own upcoming Club fundraiser - Mary's Meals Break-A- Fast on Sunday 1/11/15 at Childerditch Village Hall when our Club members will provide a hearty full English breakfast to our guests for £12.20 - the cost of feeding a child for a year through Mary's Meals . Our Community get togethers over meals are very popular, and this one coming the morning after the Rugby World Cup Final maybe just the ticket you need to launch you into a new month!

We also talked to staff about filling a child's backpack with all the essentials a child needs to use in school and make life a bit more fun  from pens and paper to uniform and a toy ball - The Back Pack project is another initiative from the Mary's Meals team.

Past District Governor Peter talked to parents and staff who are school govenors about the range ofYouth Opportunities that Rotary offers in the form of competitions within schools and Exchange visits for individuals and groups that Rotary fund.

Finally we talked to staff about the local volunteering opportunities there are and ways to get involved in the community and the breadth of projects that our club gets involved with

  • acting as volunteer drivers for the Brentwood Visually Impaired Club
  • running the Pimms and Fizz stall at the Annual Strawberry Fair in June
  • helping our friends in Brentwood Rotary Club with their door to door Christmas Sleigh collections
  • helping to marshal runners at the Brentwood Half Marathon and Fun Run supporting our friends in Brentwood a Becket Rotary Club
  • monthly collections from the Club to support Brentwood Food Bank
  • making residents communal gardens look and feel welcoming in sheltered housing in Hutton
  • organising days out for local young carers and stroke survivors 
  • Monthly walks and sporting and social activities that put the fellowship and fun into everything we do

We recommended trying out volunteering with Rotary!

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