How it all started in Wigton

A potted history....................

There’s been a Rotary Club in Wigton since 1955 when the joining fee was 3 guineas (£3.15), the annual subscription was £3-10-0 (£3.50) and a two course lunch cost 5 shillings (25p).

Meetings were first held in the Lion and Lamb Hotel, then the Royal Oak followed by the Kildare and since 1979 until today at the Greenhill Hotel.

Things have changed since those early days, Rotary is less formal and much more relaxed, ladies are welcomed as members, meetings take place at breakfast, lunchtime and in the evenings and to be a member it doesn’t cost as much as many people think.

Today, apart from enjoying friendship and fun at its weekly evening meetings on Wednesdays at 7.30, the Wigton club focuses its efforts on supporting local, national and international projects some of which can be seen on other parts of the club web site.

Particular attention is paid to Youth Activities where we work closely with the schools in Wigton and the surrounding area, supporting Youth Speaks, Young Writer, RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award), Young Chef, Young Photographer competitions, WROTS (Wigton Rotary Overseas Travel Scholarship) and occasionally give assistance to individual deserving causes.

Since 1985, Rotary International’s 30,000 worldwide clubs have been concentrating on eliminating Polio which, thirty years ago was endemic in over 180 countries throughout the world; today, 2016, it is down to just 2, Afghanistan and Pakistan with only 66 cases reported in the past 12 months                   

In order to finance many of the activities the Club receives magnificent support from Wigton residents as well as the businesses, both large and small and from the Town Council.

If you would like to know more about Wigton Rotary Club or even consider joining then please click here for more information.

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