Scottish Night 2016

Rotarians, partners and friends enjoy an evening of things 'Scottish'

The Rotary Club of Rothesay held its annual Scottish Night on 28th January.  Rotarians, partners and friends enjoyed a stirring Address to the Haggis by Stewart Shaw, the splendid singing of George Mc Donald and enthusiastic community singing led by Lyn Bulloch.

The Toast to Scotland was given by Sheriff Lewis Cameron.  Sheriff Cameron noted the passing of his colleague, local resident, Sheriff Irvine Smith and then gave a thoughtful and amusing talk about his time as a Sheriff, finishing with his own poem, with a nod to the style of Burns, to The Rotary Club of Rothesay.

Ye braes and ports o' lovely Bute
Whose calm and gentle tides
Hae nae need o' a King Canute.
Ah wid willingly hae settled doon
Oan this lovely isle
If ah hud only been mair astute

Sweet closes the evening on your busy bay,

As the ferry across the watter makes its way

Tae bring us aw thegether on this day

Where nae refugee or stranger will ever get a snub

At the Scottish Night o' the Rothesay Rotary Club


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