2016 Events

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Local Rotary Clubs unite to support Refugee families in Syria. District Governor Tony Summers has orchestrated a major fund-raising exercise by 29 clubs have donated £16,539.50 to the "ShelterBox Syrian Appeal". This major joint venture has involved the clubs of Hedge End, Southampton East, Cowes, Christchurch , Ferndown, Bournemouth East Cliff, Westbourne , Poole, Wilton and Alderney. The "ShelterBox Charity", based in Cornwall, needs urgent donations to supply emergency survival kit to refugee families. One kit, consisting of tarpaulins, blankets and mattresses costs £62..75 and this means that the local Rotary organisation can now support 81 families! Christchurch Rotarian Howard Matthews, ShelterBox Volunteer representative, said that " Fleeing Syrian families trapped at the Turkish border in freezing conditions are at great risk of hypothermia, our efforts in support of this appeal means that many lives will be saved ." ShelterBox has set a target of 1,000 emergency kits to be provided as soon as possible and to reach families within the next few days- helping to give shelter and stop deaths from hypothermia in the freezing conditions . More information can be found at www.shelterbox.org/donate , all donations to the charity will be of great benefit in helping to ameliorate this terrible crisis which involves at least 70,000 people.