Water Survival Box Visit

An article by Gillian about our visit

On Thursday 25th February Janet had arranged for a small group of us to go the Water Box packing warehouse to understand more about the reasons for the boxes and in particular the contents.   Our group consisted of Janet, Mark, Alan, Stan, Ruth and myself. 
On arrival we were given a short briefing by one of the Chelwood Rotary Group as Ruth and I did not have any real understanding of what it was all about.  It was explained that the boxes are sent out to areas following disasters such as Nepal following the earthquake  and currently Syria and why the  items packed in the boxes are carefully selected to offer the most effective assistance when people are in dire need.  The main item being the Aqua filter kit with instruction  sheet  (which can now support a family of 5 for five years based on daily use of 10 litres of water per person per day), two water containers, (one for clean water and one for dirty), basic box of items for day to day living  (crockery, cutlery, cooking utensils, etc., ) soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, rope, tarpaulins, hammer and nails, wire,  folding shovel, plastic ponchos, pencils and notepad, a measure of fabric, sewing kit  together with other items too numerous to mention.  Amazingly it does all fit into a plastic box that is also lined with a plastic bag. 
The six of us were then paired into two's and we all packed ten boxes per pair which were then being transported to another warehouse ready for sending to the next disaster area.  We did ask if it was known where the boxes we packed might go but that is never known until a request is made for them.  Our hosts thought possibly they might go to Syria as some have already been sent out there but clearly many more are needed.
We then had our photo taken as the Rotary Club of The Island and  Royal Manor of Portland donation cheque for £450.00 was handed over to cover the cost of three boxes.  This being made up of £300.00 from the International Fund and £150.00 proceeds of the table top sale organised by Janet for International.
We then all set off back home stopping for a very convivial pub lunch just outside of Yeovil.
Finally, I have to say it was, from my personal point of view, an insight into the workings of Rotary and their desire to help others worse off than ourselves.  I would recommend this visit to anyone who has not yet been.