International/ End Polio Crocuses this year

End Polio Now, purple crocus

This year's show of crocus in bloom
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Bright March sunshine brings out the best of our crocus on Ullswater Road and reinforces the key message END POLIO NOW

Whilst travelling along Ullswater Road in Penrith you may have noticed the wonderful display of purple crocus in the central reservation near the new roundabout and alongside a board proclaiming ‘End Polio Now’

For many years the Rotary movement has supported the campaign to rid the world of polio. The disease, which remains endemic in just two countries, is poised to be the second human disease ever eradicated, after smallpox.  This is an international good news story which connects the generosity of Penrith people to this wonderful outcome.  The Crocus was chosen as the campaign symbol as the purple colour matches the dye painted on the fingers of children who have been immunised.

In thanking everyone who has supported Penrith Rotary Club to be part of this campaign I would also like to thank Cumbria Highways Department whose contribution from the Community Fund helped us to replant after the recent road works.

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