Young Technologist 2016

Photos from the event held on 9th March in Beeslack High School, Penicuik. There are more to be added when time permits.

Here are a selection of photos taken at the competition held in Beeslack High School on Wednesday 9th March.  There are more to be added when time permits.

Teams of four Design and Technology students with an interest in engineering and science subjects were invited to apply to compete in a full day out of school event to devise and build a solution to an unseen technical task.

There were three age categories for teams to enter. The one task had three levels of difficulty:

Foundation Task (for students aged 11 - 14)
Intermediate Task (for students aged 14 - 16)
Advanced Task (for students aged 16+ )

Working against the clock the team needed to have good communication skills, be well organised and be able to show the development of the task solution in a design portfolio.

The solution in the form of a working model was tested and judged against competing teams from neighbouring schools & colleges.

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