Inner Wheel Club of Bridlington

The Rotary Club of Bridlington Sister Club

The Objects of Inner Wheel

Inner Wheel was founded in Manchester, England in 1924.

The objects of this service organisation are:

  • To promote true friendship
  • To encourage the ideals of personal service
  • To foster international understanding

To promote true friendship

Clubs meet regularly and have a full and varied programme through which friendships are built and maintained. Visiting other clubs and joining in their activities broadens the opportunity to make new friends.

To encourage the ideals of personal service

Inner Wheel clubs have an outstanding record of service to the community. Initially members provided goods, quite often homemade, to the poor of their communities. The ethos spread rapidly through the country and then abroad.

Inner Wheel has adapted to the needs of the country as society has changed. Some members still knit and clubs collect tons of useful goods for the needy but much is now sent abroad. In this country members support refuge centres for abused women, hostels for the dispossessed, child centres and drop-in centres, school breakfast clubs and much more.

All this is carried out in the spirit of friendship.

Inner Wheel Club of Bridlington sub-pages:

2019 Inner Wheel Coffee Morning

more Charity Fundraiser with Fun and Fellowship

Hunmanby Distillery Visit

more Inner Wheel Club would like to invite Rotary Members and guests to join them on Wednesday 27th June at 10 a.m.. I hour tour and tasting at a cost of £10 per head. Coffee and Sandwiches are available afterwards.

2018 Inner Wheel Quiz Night

more Charity Quiz and Nibbles at the Ransdale Hotel Monday 8th January 7.30 pm

2017 Bonfire Special

more Fellowship and Fund Raising at home of Pat & John Beales

2017 Inner Wheel Quiz Night

more Fun quiz

2016 Inner Wheel Coffee Morning

more A fund raising event held at the Expanse Hotel.

2016 Inner Wheel Bonfire Social

more Fund raiser at the home of Maureen & Keith Ross

2005 Chernobyl Children Visit Bridlington Inner Wheel

more Several children from Chernobyl, scene of the worst Nuclear Accident ever, visited Bridlington Inner Wheel

2016 Inner Wheel Handover

more President Maureen hands over to her successor Pat Cowton

2016 Inner Wheel Pate & Pimms

more Fund Raiser at the home of President Maureen

Volunteers take the wine

2016 Inner Wheel Annual International Lunch

more A fund raising event held at the home of Jean Franks for overseas charities such as Water Aid, Jamaa Homes, Smile Train, and Jacobs Well.

2016 Inner Wheel Charter Day

more Expanse Hotel

2014 Inner Wheel Presidents Lunch

more Expanse Hotel