Lend with Care

Helping to improve lives in under-developed countries by providing loans for self improvement

The recipients of our first 8 loans

"Lend with Care" is an organisation whose objective is to improve the lives of people living in under-developed countries by providing loans for self-improvement. CARE International UK is a member of the CARE International confederation, one of the world’s leading aid and development organisations.

In 2015 members of our club were invited to contribute to create a fund which could be used as loans to help potential recipients identified from the "Lend with Care" website. Thus The Rotary Club of Jersey Lend with Care Club was formed.

Regular reports of progress will be posted here for the information of all.

This initiative is brilliant as it provides help to grass root entrepreneurs who can become self sufficient and then support their own families as well as having the potential for employing others as things develop.

Any more members interested in joining us? Contact John King as below. The team running this for our Club is John King, Roger Atkinson and Peter Pexton.


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