local Activities/ Art Works Canal Trip

Thu 14th April 2016 at 11.00 am - 3.00 pm

We took a group on a trip along the canal.

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Last week we took a group of twelve people on a trip on the canal from Marple to Poynton and back. The group were mainly people who have a long term illness, and have got together to form Art Works, in which they support each other while doing art projects. The group meets every Wednesday, in a room provided by the Council in Stockport's Hat Works. An excellent buffet was supplied by Linda Mullins, and everybody ate well! A note of appreciation was received from Nikki:

I can't thank you enough for today's trip, I've had such a bad few months with my health and depression and today I couldn't stop smiling!! I've had such a great time and I know everyone else has too! Both mum and Paul both said it's the best thing they have ever done!

We are so grateful to you!

Love  Nikki