RYLA - Rotary Youth Leadership Award.

Jessica Smith was selected as our RYLA candidate in 2015. Here are her thoughts on the experience.

Show related pages Rotary to me was one of the best opportunities I've ever been given and it has completely changed my outlook on leadership.  Yes, it is hard work and i did feel like quitting halfway through but I convinced myself to stay and it was the best decision I've ever made.  RYLA is not just an opportunity to gain friends and a qualification it teaches you life lessons.  I loved every minute of RYLA and if I could go back again and repeat it i would.   I went there not knowing what to expect and was really anxious to start with but as soon as the week started I slowly but surely started to gain more confidence in myself.  The best thing about RYLA is the feedback sessions after the activities and this for me helped a lot with the confidence situation as my peers and group mentor had told me how well they thought I did and it is always better to get someone else's perception on things in order for you to realise it yourself.