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It may not be what you think, come in and have a look.................

You will probably know that a Rotary Club has been in Wigton for many years and may well have seen Rotary activities around the town. You will also have, no doubt, a perception of Rotary in Wigton. 

However the facts are:

·         Rotary members are men and women drawn from all walks of life and backgrounds.

·         Being a member need not be a huge commitment, financially or time-wise.

·         Internationally Rotary has, among other things, been the driving force behind the eradication of Polio.

.        Nationally we run a large number of youth based competitions, one of which was won by a pupil at Nelsonson Thomlinson school.

.        Locally we support many organisations and endeavour to improve our locality with the provision of   defibrillators and by planting trees etc.

·        Rotary is changing, to continue in Wigton the future lies in forming a club with a new cohort of members who will do things in a different way.

       Would you like to ensure that Rotary continues to serve this community?

Are you interested in the enjoyment, friendship and a sense of fulfilment that being a member of Rotary can offer? or want to find out more?

If so, phone Don Cooper on 07999501516, fill out the contact form on this page to register your interest or to find out more come along to the Greenhill Hotel on a Wednesday evening.


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