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Come and see our extensive selection of books, we have books for all tastes and ages.

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Adult and child literacy is a major goal for Rotary across the world. In Eccles, we know that raising reading standards amonst our children is a constant target for our schools and we believe this can be helped by promoting the enjoyment of reading to both adults and their children.

We began with a table in the shopping precinct, with a notice saying that anyone could bring us books to swap andtake other books away with them.  We determined very early on that there would be no cost for swapping books but that donations would be welcome to develop the project and donate to local good causes.  This was in 2008 and we now have more booksthan we can count and are open at least twice a month on Saturday mornings.  The shop has been in operation continually since its inception although we long ago abandoned the table and moved into a shop, lent to us by the Centrte Management Company.

The front window display shown above changes each month, featuring the seasons and Rotary avenues of service, and is the work of Joan Edwards and Rosemary Boardman.

Why not come down to Eccles Shopping Precinct and check it out for yourself.  Come in and pick up some books, it's a good way to expand your reading repertoire and experiment with new authors because if you take a book that turns out not to be to your taste, you can come back and change it at no cost. 

Both hardback and paperback books, all pre-owned, can be taken away for a donation to our Rotary Charity.  We'll tell you what the money is spent on and show you the work that Eccles Rotary undertakes in our community.

Because of the Covid 19 restrictions, our Bookshop is currrently closed to the public. We do not know what will happen in the future but keep an eye on our Facebook page and we will keep you updated.

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