Highfield Humanities College students produced some outstanding pieces of artwork.

During the early part of 2016, there were many bleak warnings about the weather and the UK witnessed extreme cold, rainfall and floods.  But during that period students at Highfield Humanities College (now Highfield Leadership Academy) produced some outstanding artwork which brought some warmth and sunshine into the wintery conditions.

The students had been sponsored by members of the Rotary Club of Blackpool South to enter the Rotary Young Artist Competition the theme being ‘The world is beautiful’.

Ten entries portraying various colourful flowers were submitted and all were considered worthy for entry to the District level of the competition. District 1190 includes 69 Rotary Clubs in Cumbria and Lancashire, all of whom are eligible to enter. 

Highfield student Jay Hooper 13 years of age, (now 14) was a first prize winner at Club level.  His entry ‘Mid Summers Day’ also won first prize (Intermediate Level) in the District Competition.  This was an excellent result and Jay’s submission was a superb piece of artwork.  All the students received a certificate signed by District Governor Arthur Jones, four being assessed as Highly Commended.

A t Club level, in addition to Jay’s award, there were two joint first prize winners at Senior Level, a second prize winner at Intermediate Level with the remaining submissions being Commended.

On the 25th May 2016, Blackpool South Rotarians, President Barbara Charlton and Youth Co-ordinator Elaine Fossett attended the Year 9 Assembly when the president congratulated the young artists and presented the certificates. All participating students received a gift voucher.  The presentation took place before all Year 9 students and was attended by Headteacher Mrs Lynette Norris, Deputy Headteacher Chris Wardle, Head of Year 9 Jason Nelson, Head of Art Mrs Linda Twist and members of the teaching staff.

The students are great ambassadors for their school and the winning students were: Elisha Daniels; Hannah Lally; Lucy Flynn; Codie Cooper; Cassandra Casey; Elle Humphries; Lauren Tucker; Jay Hooper; Tommy Wright and Freya Pugh.