Community/Vocational Service/ LIFELAB DAY FAREHAM ACADEMY 17 JUNE 2016

The president particpates in a LifeLab day

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From President Tony Billings:

Just attended a LifeLab day we sponsored for 30 Year 9 (14 year old) pupils and 3 teachers from Fareham Academy at Southampton Hospital. This was brilliant - all science and experiment based. All the pupils and teachers thought it was excellent and all participated with huge gusto and enjoyment! They had the opportunity to take each others blood pressure, measure their BMI and a host of other key health measurements.

They used cutting edge technology and equipment not available to them in school (e.g. gel electrophoresis to separate DNA gene patterns, an ultra-sound machine to check carotid artery blood flow) and spoke to scientists working on leading edge technology e.g. epigenetics, targeted personal medicine, using stem T-cells to target and kill specific cancer cells, etc., etc. They were also given bang-up to date information on diet and how foods are metabolised e.g. it is now believed that sugar and refined carbohydrates are responsible for the current obesity and other health problems like heart attacks, rather than high fat consumption.

The teachers said would like all their pupils to have the chance to attend, so I hope we will be able to continue to sponsor this vital and long term effect project - it has the potential to change and save the lives not only of our current children, but of their children too.

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