Rose Parry - Chair of League of Friends of Haslemere Hospital

Thu 3rd November 2016 at 19.00 - 22.00


Rose Parry - Haslemere Hospital League of Friends.

Host:- Roy Wylam

Tim Shepherd/Martin Mustart.

This is one of our Presidents Chosen Charities for the year.


Mrs Rose Parry was elected LoF Chairman in May 2013
Rose Parry worked in the NHS for a total of 41 years. The majority of her working life has been based in community services. In 1996 Rose became a manager of clinical services. Between 1996 and 2009 when she retired she managed a wide range of community services. These included the four Community Hospitals in South West Surrey, Community Nursing Services, Community Equipment, Podiatry, Wheelchair Services, Allied Health Professionals, Retinal Screening across Surrey and the community based Orthopaedic service.

It was the link with the Community Hospitals that first 
brought Rose into contact with the League of Friends and 
the excellent work that they do with supporting and enhancing patient care locally. The ever changing face of the NHS is a challenge for any organisation to keep pace with and this for Haslemere is even greater with the multiple providers who are involved with services out of Haslemere Hospital. 
Rose is a local resident and has lived in Haslemere and surrounding area for most of her life.