Bala Rotary Club provides a defibrillator for the High Street

Bala Rotary Club provides a defibrillator for the High Street and free training sessions

Tuesday evening on the 28th June 2016 saw the culmination of the long process of obtaining a Community Defibrillator for the people and visitors of Bala, thanks to the untiring determination of Rotarian Dr Mike Gareh. The defibrillator was purchased by Bala and Penllyn Rotary Club for use by the community and of course anyone else in need of its service.  The defibrillator (AED) was purchased from My Cariad which is a charity devoted to providing and servicing these devices throughout Wales. Within the cost they also undertake community training sessions in their use.

On Tuesday evening, Anthony, who is responsible for My Cariad, came to the Royal White Lion Hotel and instructed a full house with a “lively” and entertaining talk on how to use the defibrillator and on what to do when faced with a casualty, using dolls and Resusci-Anne to demonstrate correct CPR procedures.

Everyone enjoyed the evening and were grateful to Anthony for his very efficient presentation. The evening will be repeated on an annual basis for everyone‘s benefit.

Bala & Penllyn Rotary Club wish to thank Falconer’s Electricals Ltd who generously gave their time to professionally install the cabinet in a prominent position on the outer wall of the Royal White Lion Hotel, in the town centre, and commission it to the mains electricity inside the hotel. This is essential for the correct temperature maintenance of the batteries in the device.

Thank you also to the Royal White Lion Hotel for accommodating us all and allowing use of their property for the correct location of the device.