Service/ BBQ 2016

Club BBQ held at the Michaelson House Hotel

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Rotary Barbecue at Michaelson House 2nd July 2016
I was looking forward greatly to last Sunday, having picked my selection of dishes, the eagerly awaited Rotary Barbecue.
I have duties at St James Church, so having got home at 12, I thought we started at 1 o’clock, so I went down to Michaelson House & promptly got a job in the kitchen complete with pinny! President Roy, Peter and Paul had been hard at it all morning and also on Saturday night. Also other Rotarians including Bill Joughin and Dave Cooksey ( the Dynamic Duo) had been preparing barbecues and Gazebos as well as garden furniture.
Everyone started to arrive and the barbecues were lit and dishes started to appear thick and fast from the kitchen. We had music to eat by and a warm day of summer sun.
I helped the Dynamic Duo on the barbecues with the help of Peter G and the afternoon ran smoothly with hardly any queuing. I managed to get to the dishes I had ordered and I think I had my fair share of Salt and Pepper Chips!!
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food and some liquid refreshment and I was only sad to leave for some further duties at St James Church.
Thanks must go to Rotarian Peter G for use of his excellent venue and kitchen of course. Also to all the hard work put in by everyone to make the day a success especially the Rotarians involved in preparation and cooking as well as the ones who helped to set up and take down at the end.
A relaxing event enjoyed by all, made special by all the hard work put in by everyone. Many thanks to all.