Anniversary Celebrations

21st Anniversary of the Presentation of the Charter to the Club 1953
The 21st Anniversary of the Club’s foundation was marked by a Church Service on Sunday, 29th November 1953 at Cupar Old Parish Church.
On the Monday evening, 30th November, a dinner was held at the Royal Hotel under the Chairmanship of T.Breckenridge, President of the Club during 1953-1954.
At the time of this celebration, the Membership of the Club was listed on the programme with the dates of their introduction to the Rotary Club of Cupar.

The Members were .........
R.G.Brown, Founder President,1932
David B.Balfour, Founder Member,1932
Alex Bonthrone,1938
W.G.Innes, Founder Member,1932
John Nairn,1950
F.Pride,Founder Member 1932
F.J.Rogers 1948
D.Dott Thomson,1940
M.Tracy,Founder Member,1932

A footnote on the programme intimated that Mr.Ian Wallace will entertain the company during the evening.

Rotary in Cupar, 21st Anniversary
From the Fife Herald, 2nd December, 1953

The Rotary movement in Cupar owes its existence to the initiative and drive of ex-provost Brown, Haymount and it is a matter of sincere regret to all Members of the Cupar Club that illness prevented ex-provost Brown from playing any part in the celebrations this week on the 21st Anniversary of the formation of the Club.

To celebrate their 21st Anniversary, Rotarians, their ladies, friends and guests from other Clubs - a company of nearly 100 attended a dinner in the Royal hotel on Monday under the genial chairmanship of this year’s President, Mr.T.Breckenridge.
The hall was tastefully decorated with flowers, the gift of Past President D.B.Balfour. Grace was said by Rotarian the Rev.Wm.McCraw.
At the conclusion of an excellent repast the loyal toast was heartily pledged after which the toast list was:-

the Rotary Club of Cupar, Past District Chairman, G.Blair, Dundee
Reply, President T.Breckenridge

Rotary International and Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, Past President D.B.Balfour, Cupar
Reply, District Vice Chairman, John Grant, Perth

Our Guests, Past President, M.Tracy,Cupar
Reply Rotarian C.Thomson, Dundee

Our President, Past President L.B.Dymock, Cupar
Reply, President T.Breckenridge

The menu card contained the names of present members of the Club and their dates of joining.
Before the first speaker was called upon, Past President A.G.Scott who was President of the St Andrews Club when that Club sponsored Cupar's admission to Rotary, presented a banner of the St Andrews Club to President Breckenridge who accepted it with pleasure and said it would be given a place of honour beside the other Club Banners they had received.

Replying to the toast of the Cupar Club, Mr Breckenridge said 21 years ago a new Rotary Club was born and they thought it fitting that last Sunday the Members should attend the Parish Church in body and give thanks for having attained their majority and re-dedicate themselves for the work of the years they hoped lay ahead.
Of the 24 men who founded the Club, 5 were still in membership and 4 were present that night as sprightly as they were 21 years ago. Today they had 30 Members 29 active and one honorary. A year ago they had conferred on their Founder President R.G.Brown the highest honour a Club could give, that of honorary membership as a reward for the great work he had done for Rotary in general and for the Club in particular.
Twenty one years ago this Club was compared to a ship that had been launched. Why that ship was still afloat was because of what the Members had in common - the love of fellowship and the desire to serve. It had not always been smooth running.
During the war it had been difficult to find speakers and luncheons became unavailable, but over a pie and a cup of tea members met week after week without fail.
Over the years many activities had been undertaken and with no small degree of success. They had been carried out in the true Rotary spirit, not seeking reward or publicity but gaining that satisfaction that comes from having rendered a service perhaps to an individual or to a community at home or abroad.

Interspersed with the toasts were songs by Mr.Ian Wallace and at the conclusion of the speeches Mr.Wallace gave generous contributions from his wonderful repertoire.

35th Anniversary Charter Dinner, Wednesday,15th November, 1967
This event took place in the Royal Hotel, Cupar under the Chairmanship of George A Storrar, Club President 1967-1968.
The Programme for the evening carries details of the Toast List.

Report from The Courier, Wednesday,22nd November, 1972, 40th Anniversary
The Rotary Club of Cupar held an excellent dinner in the Lomond Hotel Fueuchie, last thursday night (14th November) to mark the Fortieth Anniversary of the granting of their Charter.
Among the guests was the Rev.Dr.David Dick, a Past President of Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland, who proposed the toast to the Rotary Club of Cupar. The reply was by Past President Charles D.Pagan whose father was a founder member and proposed the toast forty years ago.

Christopher MacLennan, District Governor of Rotary District 101, replied to the toast to the District which was proposed by the Vice President of the Cupar Club, John Peattie.

The President and Chairman for the evening Grant Balfour proposed the toast to Rotary International and A.McGill MacPherson, a Past President of Cupar and now Secretary, handled the toast to the visiting Clubs and guests to which J.L.Hunter Scott, a Past District Chairman from St Andrews Club, replied.

Guests included members of the Rotary Clubs of Anstruther, Abertay, Blairgowrie, Leven, Perth, St Andrews and Stirling. A highlight of the evening was the reminiscences of the only surviving Founder Member of the Club who was President 20 years ago, Past President David B.Balfour.

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