Past Presidents

Past Presidents 1932 - 2005

1932-1934 R.G. Brown Tobacconist
1934-1935 R.G. Alexander Minister
1935-1936 R. Dott Thomson Ironmonger
1936-1937 R.S. Henderson Procurator Fiscal
1937-1938 J. Murray Accounting
1938-1939 Wm. Boyd Road Engineer
1939-1940 A.M. Purves Draper
1940-1941 A.J. Davidson Insurance
1941-1942 M. Tracy Dentist
1942-1943 J. MacPherson Gas Manager
1943-1944 L.B. Dymock County Treasurer
1944-1945 W. Wilson Public Assistance Officer
1945-1946 A. Manzie Grocer
1946-1947 C.D. Pagan Clerk of the Peace
1947-1948 A. Bonthrone Maltster
1948-1949 W. Reid Pharmacist
1949-1950 Q.M. Craig Cinema Exhibitor
1950-1951 J.C.F. McIntyre Agricultural Advisor
1951-1952 I. McInnes Solicitor
1952-1953 D.B. Balfour Seedsman
1953-1954 T. Breckenridge Banker
1954-1955 W. Rodger Dentist
1955-1956 A.M. MacPherson Gas Manager
1956-1957 J.T.M. Stevenson Medical Practitioner
1957-1958 W. McCraw Minister of Religion
1958-1959 G.R. Reekie Eng. Equip - Distribution
1959 -1960 J. Nairn Builder
1960-1961 P. McKechnie County Assessor
1961-1962 C.L. Thomson Optician
1962-1963 G.B. Houston Civil Engineer
1963-1964 M. Pollock County Clerk
1964-1965 T.L. Rollo Solicitor
1965-1966 T. McCallum Road Engineer
1966-1967 J. Logan Farmer
1967-1968 G.A. Storrar Farmer
1968-1969 J.M. Wragge Education - Private
1969-1970 G.R. McQuitty Dentist
1970-1971 D. Dott Thomson Ironmonger
1971-1972 D.W.W. Hendry Medicine - G.P.
1972-1973 D.G. Balfour Seedsman
1973-1974 J.H. Peattie Men's Clothing Retail
1974-1975 J.W. Cruikshank Agricultural Merchant
1975-1976 D.M. French Heating Engineer
1976-1977 H.M.Wilson Veterinary Surgeon
1977-1978 W. Sutherland Hospital Services
1978-1979 R. Stewart Hairdresser
1979-1980 J.S. Benzies Draper
1980-1981 A.T. Carswell Foundryman
1981-1982 C.W. Drummond Banker
1982-1983 R.J. Smith Motor Vehicle Retail
1983-1984 R. Winter Accounting Services
1984-1985 J.A.C. Weir Law - Sheriff Clerk
1985-1986 A.A. Marr Medicine - Radiology
1986-1987 D.S. Campbell Newspapers-Editor
1987-1988 A.A. Arbuckle Farmer
1988-1989 L.W. McAndrew Trustee Savings Bank
1989-1990 G.J. Reekie Machinery & Equipment
1990-1991 G.E. McLeish Opthalmic Optician
1991-1992 H.T. Williams Agricultural - Cereals
1992-1993 R.M. Law Sawmiller
1993-1994 G.W. Bowen Electronics Industry
1994-1995 D.M. Fisher Laundry Industry
1995-1996 D.C. Heggie MotorVehicle Repair
1996-1997 J.L. Hendry Giftware - Retail
1997-1998 A.R. Mitchell Food Industry - Grocer
1998-1999 D.B. M.Rollo Law - General Practice
1999-2000 J.H.Fitzgerald Banking
2000-2001 A.G.Pirie Opthalmic Optician
2001-2002 W.B.Bayne Education
2002-2003 W.J.S. Blyth Frozen Foods
2003-2004 I.Copland Local Authority Library
2004-2005 W.Low Estate Agent
2005-2006 D.Cameron Dentistry

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Club President Colin Mackenzie presents the 2019 trophy to the team from Dairsie Primary School

The photo shows club president Colin Mackenzie presenting the 2019 Primary School Quiz trophy to the team from Dairsie Primary School

Santa's Sleigh

Community Services

Mtandamula school in Malawi


Santa wants you


Bouncy castle

Bouncy castle at a recent KidsOut Day


The photo shows recent US Rotary visitors to the club


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