Community Services/ Christmas Street Collections

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The Rotary Club of Bexhill spent 10 days before Christmas fund raising with store and street collections to enable support to continue to benefit local charities throughout the coming year. The store collections were over two weekends at Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s , accompanied by Christmas music, and there were street collections around the town with Santa, sleigh, reindeer and music.

President David Stedman, on behalf of the Club, would like to thank all the shoppers and residents of Bexhill for their generosity and seasonal good cheer in donating a total of £3369.00 , of which £500.00 has already been committed to a local organisation. Thanks also go to the local Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s for facilitating the store collections, and to the hard working band of Past Rotarians who greatly increased the number of volunteers to enable the Club to be so active over the busy Christmas period.

A very Happy New Year and thanks again to you all.