Young Speakers 2016

Mon 25th July 2016 at 7.00 pm - 11.00 pm

Fleet Rotary welcomes young people from Court Moor, Calthorpe Park and St Nicholas Schools

Rotary Partners evening with Young Speakers 25 July 2016

An evening of fellowship was enhanced by pupils from our local secondary schools who took part in the Rotary Young Speakers competition which was masterminded, as always, by John Burton. The young people spoke with confidence on a variety of topics and confidentally answered our questions. Subjects from a young persons view of Fleet as a place to live, to the option of abandoning the NHS. President John Johnstone congartulated them saying that they had clearly put a lot of effort into research and practice of their chosen topics

Ouur Guests were:
From calthorpe Park - Anna Beckeridge and Ralph Ivey discussing "The World has gone mad!"

From Court Moor - Izzy Stephenson and Harrison Branch discussing "A Teenagers View of our home town - Fleet"

From St Nicholas - Emily Jacobs discussing "The NHS" and Jenny Lawence discussing "Fashion and Body Image"

Photo shows (L to R), Jenny and Emily (St Nicholas), Ann ( Court Moor) ,  John Burton, Ralph (Calthorpe Park), Izzy and Harrison (Court Moor)

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