No Silverware in 2005

Team West Fife finished in a disappointing 15th place, some 26 shots behind the winners Stirling

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay
The regular West Fife golf team of Eric Spreng, Neil Spriddle, George Primrose and Graham Watson headed north to Carnoustie on Wednesday, hoping to lift the Wylkedin Trophy for the second time in 3 years.
The team had high hopes, with the pressures of organising last year`s event behind them.

It was not to be however, and the team finished in a disappointing 15th place, some 26 shots behind the winners Stirling.

On the Championship course Eric had a net 78 and Graham a net 79, whilst over on the smaller Burnside course, George had a net 70 and Neil a net 79.

Well done to Stirling though, who were worthy winners with a total score of 201. Their three `counting` scores were a net 76 on the Championship course and net 60 and 65 on the Burnside course for a total of 201, the lowest winning score for some years.

So the burden of responsibility for organising next year`s competition passes to Stirling. They will do well to match Aberdeen Balgownie`s faultless performance on the admin front, but they are previous winners so they should know what they are doing.

One thing they will want to do is halt this year`s slump in the number of participating clubs. 63 teams competed last year, but this was down to 53 this year. Could it be that it is becoming too expensive (£212 per team this year), a change of venue perhaps required, or was this year a `one off` with too many Rotarians with political ambitions not wanting to be `out of the office` on the eve of the General Election?!!!