Order Your Cards Now Profits from the sale of these Christmas Cards go to the 'End Polio Now' campaign

We are delighted to announce details of our ‘End Polio Now’ (EPN) 2020 Christmas Cards. The cover design is kindly donated by a local artist.

Every penny profit will go to ‘End Polio Now’, (EPN). Profit generated from purchases will be
donated to Rotary Foundation UK and credited to each purchasing club’s EPN account.

Cards are in packs of 10 with envelopes at £4.50 per pack inclusive of post and packing. Our 2019 card made a profit of £2.35 per pack of 10 cards, a massive 55% of sales. A club purchasing 50 packs received a credit to their EPN account of £117.50.

Whilst still available this will be double matched by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Our timeline is as follows:
         Orders placed and cheques received by:                         17th October 2020
         Delivery to one address per club by:                                30th November 2020
                     (Last year 95% of deliveries achieved by 15th November)
         Confirmation of Club Donation to End Polio Now:              31st January 2021
                     (Last year this was achieved by 21st November)

We have brought forward the order deadline by a few days compared with previous years because of possible restrictions caused by Covid-19. This buys our customers more time to distribute to their members.

We hope you will be as pleased as we are with the quality of these cards, and that you will support this initiative, which has been approved by The Rotary Foundation of The United Kingdom. Most people buy charity cards in the High Street (often only 20 pence per pack to charity!) so here is an opportunity to buy a card with profits donated to the most significant charitable programme in the history of Rotary, to rid the world of the devastating and life- changing Polio virus.

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