Award Winning Club

Rotary International recognises club for developing and implementing an innovative program, strategy or tool that has positively impacted membership in our area.

Surprise for club as Rotary International recognises success. 

Immediate Past President Donald Mackay intimated to the club that District Governor 2004-05 John Minhinick had put the club`s name forward for an award from Rotary International. His nomination was accepted and a certificate signed by President Glenn Estess has been sent to the Club.  This is a unique certificate in District 1010 as Rotary International only accept one nomination per club.

The nomination read:- The following Rotary Club has developed and implemented an innovative program, strategy or tool that has positively impacted membership in their area.  The approach or strategy focuses on the following primary foundation of membership, growth and development.

Recruitment of qualified new members

Initiatives undertaken by this club:-
Club recruitment campaigns in District 1010 are normally the responsibility of senior members of the Club such as Senior Vice President and in some cases Immediate Past President.  The Rotary Club of West Fife decided that the campaign to recruit new members should be led by the newest member of the club.

The person leading the campaign was still aware of why he joined Rotary and therefore well equipped to present the movement to potential members based on relevant and current experience.

Eight potential Rotarians came to an information evening and seven joined the Rotary Club of West Fife within a few weeks.  The eighth person is likely to join in near future.

The West Fife model has been recommended to the other 82 Clubs in District 1010.

In recognition for his service to the Club, Membership and Development Chairman 2004-05, Neil Spriddle was presented with the Presidents Prize from Donald Mackay,for his commitment to the job and his success in recruitment.

Picture: Neil (left) receiving his prize from Donald (right)

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